Hot on the heels of the Crysis 2 leak comes word that the PlayStation 3 exclusive Killzone 3 has also turned up on torrent sites.

We found out on Friday that “a late development build” of Crysis 2 was posted online, including the master key files needed to get around the game’s DRM. It was a very high-profile example of the most intractable problem facing PC gaming today: piracy. But don’t go thinking that other platforms are immune from such difficulties, as a pre-release version of the upcoming PS3 shooter Killzone 3 is now making the round on various torrent sites.

According to reports, two version of the European edition of the game have slipped out online, one with 3D support and one without. The 3D-capable game is a massive 41.4 GB in size while the standard edition clocks in at 22.3 GB. Both versions required a hacked PS3 to run.

It’s tempting to say that this disproves the long-held adage that the PC is the epicenter of videogame piracy but as Eurogamer pointed out, this is the first time a major PlayStation 3 game has leaked online prior to release. Given the nature of the PlayStation Network, it’s also much easier for Sony to drop the hammer on PS3 pirates than their PC counterparts, giving PS3 owners a much better reason to think twice before they do something stupid. Which, by the way, is something to bear in mind if you’re thinking about downloading this thing.

Killzone 3 comes out for real on February 22.

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