Killzone From Dreamwave, This Nov 200


Dreamwave does the highly anticipated Sony Playstation 2 Game!

July 8, 2004 – Dreamwave is proud to announce the launch of a 3-part comic based on the much-anticipated SONY PLAYSTATION 2 game, KILLZONE. KILLZONE is a game that captures the intense reality of warfare like no game before it, and the gang at Dreamwave is psyched to be able to be the artists behind this special comic series. The hype leading up to the release of the KILLZONE game has been non-stop: this is the next biggest thing in gaming – many are saying this is the next HALO!

KILLZONE is an amazing first-person shooter that takes place on the planet VECTA. It’s been overrun with the vicious HELGHAST – and it’s up to the INTERPLANETARY STRATEGIC ALLIANCE to stop them! The HELGHAST are gun-toting, red-eyed humanoids that have one thing in mind: annihilation! And although the game is sci-fi, one of the coolest aspects is its allusion to 20th century warfare. Everything from the weapons (based on WW2 Allies and Axis guns) to the battles themselves (based on some of the most famous fights of the past hundred years), has been researched and created to make one of the coolest fighting games ever! The game uses a unique multi-layer texturing system that makes it so the player can see incredible details of items in the foreground – guns, guts, and the glowing eyes of the merciless HELGHAST! It’s all out war in a game of skill and survival!

The KILLZONE game is packed with amazing features, incredible characters and hyper-detailed art – so it only makes sense that Dreamwave does the comic! Follow the INTERPLANETARY STRATEGIC ALLIANCE try and defeat the vicious HELGHAST as four scattered survivors unite to forge the key to humanity’s continued existence. In order to so, they must make it through the dark tunnels in the bloody trenches and burning towers of a world that could become a KILLZONE.

Written by John Ney Rieber (TRANSFORMERS/GI JOE V.1) and with art by Travel Foreman (currently working on the much anticipated Marvel’s DR. SPECTRUM series), KILLZONE is something that is not to be missed!

Head on down to your local comic book retailer this November, and pick up KILLZONE Issue # 1!

Be sure to come by the Dreamwave booth at this year’s San Diego Comic-con for FREE KILLZONE posters! (*while quantities last)

To check out more of the KILLZONE PS2 Game, check out their fully interactive site packed with Demos and downloads of this soon-to-be fan classic: http://www.killzoneps2.com

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