Minecraft‘s creatures will be forced to worship you after using this Kinect hack.

Kinect hacker Nathan Viniconis has turned Microsoft’s device into something like one of those Tron lasers that takes real people and puts them into the digital world of Minecraft. However, it doesn’t create in-game characters as much as it creates in-game monuments.

If you require the denizens of Minecraft to bow down and pray to you every day lest you strike them down with your fists, it’s pretty much a perfect way to create a reminder. It basically works like a camera, with Kinect taking a snapshot that’s transformed into a Minecraft statue.

Technically, the hack uses Kinect to take both RGB and depth images of the humans standing in front of it, with background excluded. When this data is imported into Minecraft, the program does its best to create a giant statue of Kinect’s subjects in the game using blocks of a similar color. As you can see, it works pretty well.

If you absolutely must have a monument dedicated to your greatness in Minecraft, Viniconis has written out everything you need to know here. As a humble ruler myself, I’m simply planning to use these powers make a Minecraft world filled with statues of cute dogs.

Source: Order of Events

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