Thanks to Kinect, trying on clothes has never been easier, because you don’t have to actually do it anymore.

A clothes shop in Russia is now using Kinect to give itself a competitive edge in the garment business. A new augmented reality fitting room installed in the shop allows customers to try on clothes without having to get naked, and without the clothes even having to exist.

Moscow’s TopShop, a store that evidently serves refreshments and is manned by a model DJ, teamed up with augmented reality company AR Door for the technology. When customers step in front of the virtual fitting room, a piece of 3D clothing from the store is displayed on their body onscreen. They can switch garments by moving their arms to the sides of the screen.

It reportedly uses Kinect to track a user’s body and move the dress as he/she moves. Customers can even turn around, and the clothing will turn with them.

It doesn’t look like it works very well, but it could at least give shoppers an idea if they actually want to take a piece of clothing into the dressing room beforehand, adding another step to the already involved shopping process. Depending on who you ask, that could be a a very bad, or very good thing.

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