Kingdom Hearts: Birth By Sleep Launches Official Trailer


Square-Enix has relaunched the official site for Kingdom Hearts: Birth By Sleep, including the first official trailer of the Disney-meets-Final Fantasy action RPG series’ latest installment for the PSP.

In preparation for the game’s release (scheduled for Winter 2009), Square-Enix has given the official Kingdom Hearts: Birth By Sleep site an overhaul, including the trailer you see above. And, well, it… looks like Kingdom Hearts. The game stars Roxas from Kingdom Hearts II a guy who is the identical twin to Roxas from Kingdom Hearts II though apparently is not him, some girl with blue hair, and a guy who looks like Zack from FF7 (down to the mismatched shoulder armor, even).

Presumably, they venture through various Disney animated worlds – we see Cinderella, Snow White, and Alice in Wonderland – and fight the various villains, who have teamed up with the series’ prime antagonists, the Heartless. Or… wait, are they Nobodies? Or are the main characters Nobodies, and, uh… dammit, who are they fighting again?

Okay, I guess I don’t remember the Kingdom Hearts canon as well as I thought, but there are Heartless and Nobodies, and presumably one or the other (or both) is going to get beaten up with various weaponry that may or may not resemble a giant key (or hopefully a chainsaw).

More information about Birth By Sleep will undoubtedly surface later this month at the Tokyo Game Show, so stay tuned.

(PSP Hyper via Joystiq)

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