King’s Bounty II is an open-world tactical RPG from 1C Entertainment. The fantasy Kingdom of Nostria has had an attempt made on its king’s life. Although you’re the primary suspect for this crime, a prophecy names you as the hero fated to save the world from an undead threat called the blighted.

You can choose from one of three characters to play with, Aivar the knight, Katharine a mage, or Elisa a paladin. Each character has their own distinct backstory, voice lines, and personality, but the story does not differ much in relation to whom you pick. It is readily apparent that the world has history. It feels like events and characters predate your arrival; this extends to your character as well. The mage Katherine was quick to remind anyone who insulted her that she is a countess, and her exasperation at having to listen to the problems of the common folk was continually entertaining. The quality of writing and voice work just barely elevate an otherwise boring fantasy world.

Overall, King’s Bounty II is a much better open-world RPG than it is a tactics game. Its turn-based combat is a low point, but it shouldn’t deter any fantasy game fan from leisurely exploring this kingdom. The game is out now on PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch for $59.99.

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