King’s Quest and Space Quest Come to Steam


The avalanche of classic gaming goodness continues with the release of the famed King’s Quest and Space Quest collections on Steam.

Activision has released all seven games in the classic King’s Quest series along with the six Space Quest games in two separate bundles now available on Steam. The collections normally sell for $19.99 but until the end of July each is being offered for only 15 bucks.

Hardware requirements aren’t terribly demanding, naturally, but a note included with the King’s Quest Collection warns that neither Windows XP 64 nor Windows Vista are officially supported, although some of the games may run regardless. (Strangely, the Space Quest Collection doesn’t carry the warning.) Your best bet if you’re interested but doubtful: Wait awhile and let someone else try it. Conversely, if you do try the games under one of the aforementioned OSes, feel free to report your success, or lack thereof, right here.

The tales of Sir Graham of Daventry and Roger Wilco, Space Janitor, were staples of the golden age of adventure gaming and shouldn’t be missed by any fan of the genre. 30 bucks for 13 Sierra classics? You’re not going to find many deals better than that.

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