The first episode of the new King’s Quest is coming this July.

Among all of the big-name press conferences, long-standing PC developer Sierra has quietly released a trailer for a King’s Quest revival to YouTube. The new King’s Quest will be a five-episode series (a la, The Walking Dead) with the first episode, A Knight to Remember coming this July for PC, PS4, PS3, Xbox 360 and Xbox One.

“As an aging King Graham reflects on a life of heroism with his granddaughter, Gwendolyn, players are transported back to experience firsthand the untold tales that shaped a kingdom,” writes Sierra.

Fans of the original King’s Quest series, first released back in the 80s for the PC, may remember that Graham was one of the main characters. The King’s Quest series pioneered the point-and-click adventure game, and went on to establish Sierra’s name as a prominent PC developer.

The new King’s Quest seems to draw heavy inspiration from TellTale’s recent spade of adventure games, going with a cell-shaded cartoony art style and an episodic format.

For many old-school PC gamers, King’s Quest is a treasured franchise, so the announcement of a remake will be met with both excitement… and skepticism. Don’t screw this up, Sierra!

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