Kirbys Dream Buffet gameplay overview release date trailer August 17, 2022 multiplayer co-op local online strawberry customization Nintendo Switch eShop preorder Kirby's Dream Buffet

Nintendo has shared a gameplay overview trailer for multiplayer game Kirby’s Dream Buffet, in addition to revealing a release date of August 17, 2022 and a budget price of $14.99. The trailer demonstrates that there are three game types. The first is Race. If you eat strawberries scattered throughout the stage, you will grow and get more strength. There are also Copy Food Abilities that give you extra powers, like using Tornado to sweet up strawberries or Jelly to slip through walls. Being the first to the finish line means earning the biggest bonus of extra strawberries.

The second game type is Minigame, where you need to eat as many strawberries as you can before time expires. Strawberries might appear in boxes or fall from the sky, and you just have to stay persistent about nabbing them before your enemies do.

The final game type in Kirby’s Dream Buffet is Battle Royale, where you battle for strawberry supremacy. By knocking opponents off the stage, you can take their strawberries from them, and there are attack-centric Copy Food Abilities unique to this mode. Across the modes, there are various rewards you can unlock for collecting strawberries, like more customization options for Kirby. Plus, collecting more strawberries unlocks more stages to play in general.

This multiplayer-centric title is playable alone, in two-player local co-op, in local wireless mode for upward of four players, or online with upward of four players. Kirby’s Dream Buffet is available to preorder now on the Nintendo Switch eShop ahead of its release date next week.


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