The dream has come true for World of Warcraft fans looking for the ultimate in both immersion and isolation: The WOW Pod, an “immersive architectural solution” with a built-in crapper and its own self-cooking food supply.

From the outside the WOW Pod appears to be little more than a small hut designed in Orcish style, but it’s far more than just a freestanding closet with an animal skin over the entrance. Amenities include a small counter with a swing-out keyboard stand, a selection of pre-packed food with names like “Crunch Spider Surprise” and “Soothing Turtle Bisque” and a computerized mini-stove to cook them, a digital surround-sound setup and perhaps most important of all, a throne with a built-in “throne.”

The cooking system actually ties directly into the game. Each food pack has a code that can be scanned into the pod’s computer, which then automatically adjusts the stove temperature and cooking time to ensure a perfect meal every time. When it’s time to eat, the player’s character will announce to everyone nearby that dinner is served and automatically put him or her into AFK mode.

I can’t decide if the WOW Pod is incredibly awesome or the worst thing to happen to MMOGs since someone cast a fateful eyeball on a discarded tubesock. I suspect it’s both. Give it a look at the WOW Pod website and decide for yourself: Is this the next big advancement in gaming or a one-way ticket to Hell?

(And yes, “throne” means toilet. You may never have to stand up again.)

via: Kotaku

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