After my Twitter poll ended last week, I was absolutely delighted to see that there was equal interest in Limerick and Simpsons meme. I knew right away which game deserved a limerick, and it’s one of the titles that really stuck with me after the show.

Klang hits Steam tomorrow, September 22, so keep an eye out for a review coming soon!

If you don’t like prose, keep scrolling for a brief, non-rhyming bit.

Klang is a rhythm platformer
With a booth tucked back in the corner
I sat down to play
and was blown away
By the EDM music performer

The music will urge you to dance
The enemies don’t give you a chance
The bass will pump out
While you hop about
It’s simple enough at first glance

You carry two tuning fork swords
Which help you fight off the hordes
Of bass-heavy bad guys
And music that flies
Till you get yourself on leaderboards

If you can do better, hop into the forums and show me how it’s done! I’m not picky as to subject, so go with something obscure that people should know about. Then, check out the Klang Steam page!

Klang was pitched as an EDM rhythm platformer, and there’s hardly a better way to describe it. I listened to a lot of EDM over the years, though I’m far from a connoisseur. The music caught me immediately, and I was bobbing my head before I even touched the controller.

The aesthetic is basically Tron, except incredibly damn creepy because of the way the faces are constructed. You dual wield giant tuning forks fashioned into swords, and you move, jump, and tap to a beat to progress through the levels.

It’s a simple foundation that’s easy to build upon, and the team struck the perfect concert of visuals and soundtrack.

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