Knights of Badassdom Gets Release Dates


Knights of Badassdom, starring Peter Dinklage, will release for TUGG viewing on January 21st and video-on-demand on February 11th.

In case you haven’t heard of Joe Lynch’s Knights of Badassdom, it’s the simple tale of a group of LARPing buddies who head into the woods for a bit of harmless fun and accidentally summon a Succubus from hell. As you can imagine, hijinks ensue that, given the subject matter, are steeped in layers upon layers of glorious nerdom. Toss in a cast that includes Summer Glau, Steve Zahn, the blonde guy from True Blood and Peter Dinklage and you’ve pretty much got a winning recipe for fun.

We’re bringing all of this up for a reason, of course. A video announcement has just been put out confirming that Badassdom will be releasing via TUGG and video-on-demand on January 21st and February 11th, respectively. Now granted, we haven’t seen the movie yet and can’t speak to its quality, so for all we know it could suck. Likewise, the version being made available is apparently also different from the one that director Joe Lynch intended for release. That said, it still looks like a blast and, in the least, it will probably scratch that LARPing-fantasy-farce itch that we know you’ve been suffering from.

Source: YouTube

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