Kobold’s Quest Lets Players Steal Babies, Collect Their Skulls

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Kobold’s Quest is a multiplayer platformer that’ll see players feeding babies to monsters while competing for their skulls.

Suckerfree Games has a title in development called Kobold’s Quest that’s somewhat similar to New Super Mario Bros. Wii, if the goal of Mario and pals were to steal babies so that a monster could eat them. Players of Kobold’s Quest have to fill their Kobold Commander’s hunger, and if isn’t with human babies they’ll become the meal themselves. Seems logical to me.

Kobold’s Quest is a four-player, capture-the-flag style platformer. Players each take on the role of a different color Kobold and must cooperate to make it to a baby’s lair, er… nursery, by taking on defenders such as knights and giant birds while avoiding traps. However, once the baby is picked up, the game becomes competitive and players will turn on each other to become he who hands the baby in to the Kobold Commander.

Suckerfree has set up a fan-funding page on IndieGoGo to help bring the game to its planned late June release on Xbox Live Indie Games. Out-of-pocket funding has apparently run dry for the indie studio, so it has a goal of $1,000 to keep things moving. Pledging enough money can net the donator every game Suckerfree ever releases, and the ability to design an unlockable level.

It looks like a fun co-op/head-to-head title and there’s no way you can hate Kobold’s Quest‘s premise. It’s a little dark, but in reality Kobolds do eat babies, so that’s life. You can check out the funding page here if you’d like to help out.

Source: GameSetWatch

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