Hideo Kojima will reportedly be unveiling a game at the Tokyo Game Show that will rock the foundations of videogame existence.

Hideo Kojima of Metal Gear Solid fame is a mysterious fellow. Even when he announces new projects like Metal Gear Solid: Snake Eater 3D – The Naked Sample for the Nintendo 3DS there is always something super secret hiding under his frontal lobe. As per the usual, a source at CVG has indicated that Kojima will reveal a mysterious PlayStation 3 exclusive at the Tokyo Game Show later this year.

And not just any PlayStation 3 exclusive, but according to the source it’ll be a “massive PS3 exclusive that will own the show.” The title will be published by Konami.

Kojima was going to show the game off at E3 this year but decided to take an extra few months to polish the demo. It’s very unlikely that he’ll be revealing another Metal Gear title, with Naked Sample and Metal Gear Solid: Rising already in the tubes, not that I wouldn’t play one if he did. At a Q&A session (via Andriasang) Kojima said Zone of the Enders 3 had been “sort of pushed to the back,” so this might be off the table as well.

Kojima could announce something from his other notable series and cult favorite Snatcher, or go completely new. If it’s going to “own the show,” it’s got to be something big, unless that’s just PR talk.

Source: CVG

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