Konami Employee Fights Discrimination


A Konami employee is suing the company after accusing them of demoting her following her return from maternity leave.

36 year old Yoko Sekiguchi is suing her employer Konami over alleged sexual discrimination following her return from maternity leave. Sekiguchi is seeking $343,000 in damages after the company changed her job from an international role to a domestic one, which carried with it a drop of more than $2000 a month in salary.

According to Ms. Sekiguchi’s lawyers, Konami stated in in-trail meetings that her position at the company had been changed in consideration of creating a better environment for raising a child. Ms. Sekiguchi was obviosuly less that pleased by Konami’s ostensibly altruistic move saying, “Being forced to lessen your career to raise a child is sexual discrimination.”

This seems quite clear cut to me, but the law can be a tricky beast, and discrimination cases even more so. We’ll just have to wait and see where this goes.

Source: Joystiq

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