The eight-disk set contains music from all the Silent Hill games, including Homecoming, which most Japanese gamers have never played.

Even the biggest critic of the Silent Hill games would be hard-pressed to argue that they didn’t have some pretty fantastic music. This hasn’t escaped Konami’s notice, and the publisher is bringing out a box set of Silent Hill music for Japanese gamers’ aural delectation.

The set contains eight disks, one for each of the seven Silent Hill games released so far, including Silent Hill: Homecoming, which was never released in Japan. The final disk contains music from the Silent Hill rail shooter arcade game – which came out in Japan and Europe, but never made it to the US – as well as early demos of various songs. The set also comes with a bonus DVD featuring a trailer reel from the games.

Unfortunately, as good as the music is, it might prove a little too pricey for most people. The set costs ¥14,700, or around $181, which is roughly twenty bucks a disk if you count the bonus DVD, and that’s before you factor in the costs in actually importing it from Japan. If you can make it to the Konami Style store in Tokyo though, you can save a whole twenty dollars.

Source: Siliconera

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