Konami’s NeverDead is Immortal Dismemberment Katamari


Rebellion’s NeverDead is sort of like Katamari, except players have to hunt demons and roll around to collect their own bodyparts.

Somehow, Konami’s NeverDead was able to slip under my radar until its latest trailer was released at Gamescom. It’s an elegant video, featuring a beautiful piece of classical music that plays as the main character’s head rolls around to collect his detached body parts so he can reassemble his immortal self.

Metal Gear Acid producer Shinta Nojiri is teaming up with Aliens vs. Predator studio Rebellion for the game, which puts players in the shoes of a demon hunter that was “cursed” with immortality, according to a preview at 1up. NeverDead is a third person action title that uses a dismemberment mechanic instead of health bars.

“Dismemberment is so unique in our game that we felt we needed to take full advantage of it,” Nojiri says. The mechanic doesn’t only come into play when the main character gets damaged, but also in combat. The player may be able to throw his arm into a crowd of enemies while it continuously fires in all directions, or bring a room’s entire ceiling down on himself and his enemies, killing them but not the immortal main character. Dismemberment is also part of the game’s puzzles, as players might have to toss their head through a hole in the wall to see into the next area.

The game’s E3 trailer gives you a better idea of what the fast-paced gameplay is like and also shows off the protagonist’s mortal female partner. It looks like a hilarious game that probably should’nt be under the radar at all.

Source: 1up

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