Making up for God of War Collection‘s greatest mistake, God of War: Origins Collection will have 1080p cinematics. This is meant to keep the entire game looking like the gorgeous 1080p gameplay, which you can get a glimpse of in the comparison video above. Pretty spiffy stuff, right?

Developer Ready at Dawn also went through the trouble of bringing the frame rate up from the original 30 frames per-second to a sexy-smooth 60. The team isn’t pulling punches when it comes to the retail PS3 pairing of their remastered PSP games, Chains of Olympus and Ghost of Sparta. The developer remade character models and environments, repainted textures, and added stereoscopic 3D support for players with wallets thick as bricks.

That’s an impressive bit of upgrading for a straightforward, $40 port of legit games that weren’t hobbled by the hardware in the first place. They’re terrific games in this series as a whole, and Origins neatly fills the gaps in the God of War story. If you’ve been holding off on these until you could play ’em on a better platform, there’s no time like the present to complete that collection.

God of War: Origins Collection releases for the PlayStation 3 on September 13.

Source: PlayStation Blog

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