Kung-Fu Hitler, Renegade Cops and Vikings Star in Kickstarter Film Kung Fury


Enough money has already been raised on Kickstarter to release the completed, 30-minute film, for free online. If $1 million is collected, a new, feature-length script will be written featuring more time-traveling cops, martial artist Nazis and gun-wielding vikings.

The 1980s were a time when renegade cops who play by their own rules could karate kick any thug, alien or time-traveling ninja off the street, and filmmaker David Sandberg wants to make those days live again. He put his short film Kung Fury up on Kickstarter the day after Christmas, to share with the world his vision of loose cannon cop Kung Fury and his quest to go back in time fight the most deadly martial artists of all – Adolf Hitler, “Kung-Fuhrer.”

And how does one fight Kung-fu Hitler? By using a Nintendo PowerGlove and bleeding-edge 80s computer technology to “hack back in time,” of course. That is, until Kung Fury goes back too far, ends up in the time of the Vikings and enlists the help of a dinosaur-riding shield maiden and Norse god Thor to help topple the Third Reich. There’s also a fight with a laser-gun wielding arcade cabinet thrown in as well, because why wouldn’t there be.

The Kickstarter is currently at more than $420,000, doubling its original goal of $200,000, with 21 days left to go. That’s enough to get the original 30-minute film distributed for free online. However, if $1 million can be raised, the movie’s script will be rewritten into a feature-length film and Kung Fury’s producer will begin talks with major distributors.

Source: Kickstarter

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