imageScott Kurtz’s PvP is one of today’s most popular Web comics, enjoying thousands of devoted fans checking in every day to see what he’s doing next. James Kochalka is probably the most well-known and prolific creator in the current indy comics scene. This unlikely duo has just come together to support the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund.

Beginning today and running until next Friday, the Fund is offering Kochalka’s cover to PvP #6 collecting Kurtz’s satire of the indy comics world, “Graphamaximo.”

Kurtz explains, “When the ‘Graphamaximo’ storyline originally appeared on the PvP website, it generated a lot of attention. I knew that when I collected the story into the comic book, that I wanted an alternative comic artist to do the cover. James Kochalka was my first choice. Graphamaximo rubbed a lot of people in the alternative press the wrong way so I was terrified to ask, but James as on board from the beginning. He totally got what I was trying to say with that storyarc and he was excited about the opportunity.”

So Kochalka got on board, but why did they give the original art to the CBLDF?

Kurtz answers: “In all honesty, I wanted to keep the cover for myself, but James insisted that we donate it to the CBLDF. It was hard to let go because it’s such a beautiful piece, but James brought me to my senses. I live one hour away from where Jesus Castillo sold an adult book to an adult and was arrested for it. We need the CBLDF now more than ever. It’s insane what’s passing for justice these days. It would be terrifying to have to defend yourself against such lunacy without any support.”

The PvP auction is on eBay until Friday, November 28. PvP #6 is in this month’s Previews, and Scott Kurtz will be at WizardWorld Texas this weekend.

Direct link to the auction:

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