Kyle, Part 1


Russia , 1995 , as the economy was making a change , break away groups begin to clash with the military. The first appearance of mutants, would forever change the way wars are fought. The Russian military found they could control , and employ a small group of mutants , as well as other super-power individuals for a very cost.

“Nathaniel-Kyle,” The boy , wearing an urban camo winter jacket, turn to the Africa woman , dressed in a heavier over coat, also in urban camo , she places a hand on the boy’s shoulder , whom roughly twelve years old , “We have the rebels cornered , Nathaniel-Kyle,” The boy pulls his coat to himself , then nods , she whispers, “It will be over soon,”

As the Russian special forces enter the village of Laika, in teams of two they move through the village clearing it , and checking. One of the men , states , “There are no rebels here,” Then suddenly a shot rings out , “CAFALL!!” As a girl falls , another special forces member rushes to her side , but a shot takes him out.

Nathaniel-Kyle ducks behind a car , calling forth fire , as gas begins to land near them. Through tears he sees a rush of people , he speaks into his headset , “Friendly?” No reply , they are coming faster , Nathaniel-Kyle steps into the street , and unleashed a writhing blast of fire.

He screams , as a little girl stumbles afire , into him , he freaks , snapping something inside , as he manages to summon forth a massive lighting storm. He holds his head , as teammates and enemies alike rush for cover , he closes his eyes.

Seven years later , Washington D.C. ,

“Firstborn?” Nathaniel looks up at the woman , dressed in a tight red body suit , smiles at him. Nathaniel is dressed in black full body suit , with a blue body armor, blue thigh pads, blue cape , turquoise gloves, and boots. His face hidden by blue motor cycle helmet, with frosted blue glass.

The woman , gives him a warm smile, “Trials for the Angels of Earth, I hope you do well,” Nathaniel , stands up , following her , “I’ve read about your exploit in Little Rock and those in Dallas very impressive.” Nathaniel , says , “It would have been impressive if I didn’t have powers. The police officers were impressive, miss.” She turns her head, “Going into a collapsing building is impressive, powers or no powers,”

When Nathaniel-Kyle arrives , the massive armored Valkirit, stands with his arms crossed. His eyes narrow at Nathaniel-Kyle, saying “Nice uniform” Nathaniel-Kyle shrugs , “Nice fourth century hat,” Valkirit watches him, “It’s a Viking’s battle helmet,” He then states , “You will given a series of random situations, the computer will record how well you do physically , a panel of randomly chosen heroes will judge your actions. You may pick one item.”

Valkirit , leads him into a small chamber , with a table , items slowly appear , a katana , a laser blaster, a package of gum , and two bags of dirt. Nathaniel-Kyle draws the two bags of dirt , the room , slowly begins to fade , Valkirit , leaves, as a voice says , “First situation in twenty second,”

Slowly a city appears , Nathaniel-Kyle lifts into the air , and begins to search for his target , he drops using his cape to glide , then kicking in his flight to shoot him forward. A gang of six men are chasing a woman , as Nathaniel-Kyle arrives , she trips , he using his Air control to slide a dumpster into their path , then he uses his air control to pick up the girl and drop to a low building.

The men draw out pistols , Nathaniel-Kyle begins a small whirlwind , causing trash and debris to encircle them , Nathaniel-Kyle drops , points at each gun in turn , in turn , causing them to grow hot , the men drop their guns , they rush out of the whirlwind , swinging. Nathaniel-Kyle , lifts a hands producing a blast of energy , that knocks one man back into the dumpster , knocking him out. The other men , are coming , Nathaniel-Kyle makes the air around him thin , using his flight , and air control, he mimics super speed , and super agility , dodging from them , delivering a kick , that uses the thigh more than the foot or shin , dropping another man. The other four , taking wide singles , Nathaniel-Kyle causes the air become dense and thick , each man struggles to move. Nathaniel-Kyle , lifts hand striking each with energy blast , just enough force to knock them out.

The city begins to change, slowly becoming a winter wonderland, Nathaniel-Kyle shivers not from the cold , but because it reminds him of home. A tank roars somewhere in the distance , Nathaniel-Kyle flies to the scene of a battlefield. His heart goes cold , as soldiers , chase down other soldiers , he notices the markings of Shadow Sword, elite soldiers from Confederacy of Europe. Using his limited and weak , Psionic powers , Nathaniel-Kyle finds the U.N. and NATO soldiers , he then takes flight , and follows the soldiers chasing the rebels.

He decides he can’t reach them , the rebels or soldiers , to prevent a fight, so he reaches deep within, and draws on his uncontrollable weather control , he begins to struggle , slowly a landscape becomes a blizzard, he struggles to cap it the blizzard , and barely manages to. He then uses his Psionic powers to find them Confederacy of European soldiers , he lands , they are huddled around the tank , using his wind control and fire control to melt and move the snow into a make shift shelter. He uses his knowledge of the cold survival , to make a shelter , that is very warm , and creates a small fire.

He flies to the rebels , repeats the process. Then to the U.N. and NATO soldiers, repeats making a shelter , and fire. He takes in the cold air , and feels homesick , unknown to him the computer records this.

Instantly a cold feeling covers him , the view moves from to a city on afire. There is screaming, smoke , Psionic cries , and the smell of death , Nathaniel-Kyle slips instantly into the soldier , he hovers to an advantage point , Lucifer class warmachines, massive six story tall four legged robots, break the skyline , he scans for life signs near the Lucifer class warmachines.

He drops to the life signs , and scoops , up a girl , then drops by down and picks up the cat. The girl looks sad , begins to cry. Nathaniel-Kyle drops her near a police man , then rushes the closest , Lucifer , dropping into it as a fireball , striking it through the head and neck. It topples , Nathaniel-Kyle uses a gust of air to push it into a open street , and alley.

Suddenly the Lucifers are heading to him , he discharges a blast of energy , then draws to the open bay. Through the thick smoke , he weaves and dances from the laser fire, always aware of property damage and of life signs.

As they come to the bay, a Lucifer lunges driving a hand into Nathaniel-Kyle, he instinctively turns super hot , metaling the Lucifer , it draws back a metal hand. Nathaniel-Kyle turns , then discharges a massive gust of wind , knocking the damaged Lucifer , into another Lucifer. Another one takes it place, Nathaniel-Kyle levels it with a blast of fire , then another Lucifer , it resist his fire , it lunges and grabs him, he closes his eyes , and goes limp. The Lucifer begins to squeeze him , the other Lucifers are gathering , Nathaniel-Kyle reaches his happy place , as the pain begins to grow , his body armor protects him from some of the crushing damage , he lets out a massive energy area of effect attack, destroying the Lucifer holding him , and damaging those around it.

A half working Lucifer strikes Nathaniel-Kyle from the air , he hits the ocean , and the event ends.

In the waiting room , Nathaniel-Kyle is visited by a robot , that hands him a simple note , “Denial of invitation into the Angels of Earth.” Nathaniel-Kyle picks himself up , without knowing why they didn’t accept him.

Valkirit comes up behind the woman in the red body suit , he says , “He wasn’t Angels of Earth material,” She whispers, “Bullshit, someone veto his application, he scored a seven out of ten,” Valkirit, states again , “He wasn’t Angels of Earth material,”

A few days , later ,

In northen California, the growing Cheyenne community of Namid, the backbone of the town is the casinos which stand in the middle of the town. A big Ryder truck slams into casino’s front , sixteen armed men , jump out of the Ryder truck , they begin to loot the casino’s slot machines and tellers.

The guests run , and scream , causing panic , as the small police force begins to arrive. Nathaniel-Kyle, lands on the roof across the street , holding a Big Mac , in one hand , he floats down , as the police begin to get out their shotguns.

Nathaniel-Kyle stops by a pretty officer , pulling on her vest , he hands the Big Mac, “Here make yourself useful,” She glares at him , he dressed in his normal gear , draws out a video camera , attaching it to the police car, she watches him , walk into the crime scene.

The first man, in Prince T-shirt, to see him , begins to scream , “FIRSTBORN!” Nathaniel-Kyle , smiles under his helmet, “I can autographic your cast , later,” The man rise his gun , Nathaniel-Kyle says “Don’t be stupid,” The man fires three shots , Nathaniel-Kyle flares up just enough to soften the bullets so they thud into his armor. He picks up shards of glass , throws them into the man’s exposed hands and forearms. The slivers dig under the man’s finger nails , causing him to become very unconformable.

The guy drops his gun , his hands bleeding and cut , he begins to half cry and half scream , Nathaniel-Kyle, reaches him , and says “I should kill you for the t-shirt alone,” As other men , are coming , Nathaniel-Kyle draws out a gummy substance , and turns the hurt around , the fight gone from him. He bonds the man’s hand then pushes him , “Ok, go surrender to police,”

Four men approach , watching him push their friend , out towards the door. Nathaniel-Kyle , watches them , “Not very smart move, you should become a real criminal , like a senator, or lawyer,” One man lifts his pistol , Nathaniel-Kyle, discharges a blast of energy into the man , knocking him through a craps table , and into the soft serve ice cream stand.

As one the remaining three men , rush into Nathaniel-Kyle , he uses air control to mimic super agility , dodge , then countering , landing a punch against one man’s jaw. Nathaniel-Kyle , dodges , and spins , his cape distorting their perception of where he is and how big he is, he lands a kidney punch , then kick , dropping the first man. The second and third man , pull back , Nathaniel-Kyle, walks pass them , they turn , to watch him. As S.W.A.T advance into the building.

Nathaniel-Kyle kneels over the security guards who drew on the men , he does his best to apply first aid , the older of the two guards , looks at him , Nathaniel-Kyle draws out a bag of gummy bears. He gives it to him, “You should be ok, your vest stopped the worst of it,” Lying on the ground near them, are two men , both death , their weapons jammed.

“We have hostages, if anyone , especially Firstborn comes near use will begin shooting people,” Firstborn watches the men , from among the slot machines , he lifts his helmet slightly to eat a gummy bear stuck to his glove. S.W.A.T appeal , they begin to surround them, Nathaniel-Kyle , watches as a S.W.A.T settles next to him.

Nathaniel-Kyle switches to the S.W.A.T ‘s radio channel, “Listen up , switch to thermal and cover your weapon,” Someone growls , “Get off our radio channel,” Firstborn hears , another voice , “Shut up Frank!” Nathaniel-Kyle raises the heat around a fire sprinkler , and setting them off, as he does he rips the money from the bags with a gust of wind , the men , watch as millions of dollars begins to swirl in the air.

Then the money becomes wet , and sticks to them, Nathaniel-Kyle , causes the air to grow dense , causing the money to compound the weight of the firearms. Nathaniel-Kyle , focuses , causing a bit of frost to appear in the air , freezing the metal of their guns to their fingers.

“Help!” The a heavyset man , struggles with the increased weight , as S.W.A.T members move in , taking the hostages away , as others begin to disarm the men, causing them to scream , like a tongue stuck to a metal pole , the skin is bound to the metal.

The media surround the scene , screaming for an interview , Nathaniel-Kyle shakes the water from cape , as the woman who he had given the Big Mac to appears. She watches him , then hands him the Big Mac, and his camera. He says , “Thanks,” She walks pass him , saying , “One of these days, Firstborn I am going to fill your food with hot sauce.”

In the darkness of a small shop , a fat man , with a dark tan , brings back the baseball bat , to bash the skull of the elderly female manager. He spins , as his hair on his neck stands up , a jar of pickles flies at him , he instinctively swings at it , it smashes his eye. He stumbles , as pickle juice and pickles cover him.

“Strike one, should I press my luck or walk you?” The man takes a step forward , a jar of pig’s feet flies towards him , he swings , missing , as it smashes in the nose , covering him in pig’s feet juices , and other material from the jar. He staggers , trying to get to the door, he touches the door handle, then turns , swinging the bat , a jar of liver and grizzles smashes his mouth , covering in the sick smelling juices , he slumps against the door. “Out!”

The elderly woman , stands behind Firstborn , holding a mop, “Your mess, you clean,” Firstborn turns to her , then takes the mop , as the police open the door. They check the man , then ask the woman , “You ok,” She shakes her head , “I am kinda of dizzy,” The police officer , leads her outside, the other police officer ,a younger man , with glasses , watches as Firstborn , mops the juices up. He shakes his head , “I wouldn’t be doing that if powers.” Nathaniel-Kyle , looks up, “You do have a power. She got hit pretty good, I think,” Behind the counter is a scene of struggle, the police officer takes a mop from the shelf and begins to help.

As the hours , and days , Nathaniel-Kyle patrols the streets that the small police force rarely give more than a once over, as the town is expanding faster than anyone expected. Sitting on the edge of a roof, playing with a game boy , he watches a ford truck pulls into small parking lot. Two men jump out, they kick and yank the heavy wooden door from its setting. Nathaniel-Kyle puts the game boy into his hidden pocket , and drops down.

The driver , jumps , as the truck tips over , landing on its side. He climbs out , as he stands on the door, a gust of wind knocks him to the ground , he begins to get up , when Nathaniel-Kyle puts a hand on the man’s chest, “Didn’t mean to roll the truck,” Then he shrugs, “What to tell..” The two men appear holding four children , of South American descent , they watch as Nathaniel-Kyle appears.

“Firstborn,” The man on the left breathes, he drops the sleeping kids , coating his body in rock armor, but it looks more like dirt with hints of grass , he says , “I was hoping you would show up,” Firstborn watches him , “Let me guess, Martha Steward gave you , your powers right?… Though you kinda of resemble a Rosie project, but then again you would have to made of food to be from her camp,” He smashes fist together , “Castle,” Firstborn , shrugs , “I was thinking you look more like compose heap, and kinda smell like one,”

Castle lets out a vine grabbing Nathaniel-Kyle by the throat and slamming him into the building, he slowly gets up , as Castle begins to land heavy hits into Nathaniel-Kyle’s body and chest. Then Castle , rears back , to smash Nathaniel-Kyle, but Nathaniel-Kyle prevents Castle from throwing a punch , with a constant gust of air , Nathaniel-Kyle slips out from the wall.

Castle turns , fires thorns into Nathaniel-Kyle, but he turns on the heat shield , burning the thorns in mid flight. At which point Castle charges Nathaniel-Kyle , throwing heavy punch , using air control Nathaniel-Kyle increases his speed and agility , dodging and landing hits that are simply absorb , bringing a smile to Castle’s face.

Nathaniel-Kyle lifts a hand , causing a gust of air to push the kids and the man holding the kids into the building. Castle steps back , as Nathaniel-Kyle begins to control the weather , a bolt of lighting , strikes near the truck , Castle , watches another bolt hits near to him. Castle rushes Nathaniel-Kyle, but as he does a gust of air knocks him into the wall , seconds later a lightning bolt hits him. He collapses , two more lightning bolts dance around him , cops begin to show up , Nathaniel-Kyle struggles to decontrol the weather , three lightning bolts strike ground , then it begins to snow.

“I give up,” The man from behind the truck raises his hands , then looks at the police officers , “HELP!” Finally the weather begins to clear , Nathaniel-Kyle , feels a thud , as a little boy grabs himself into Nathaniel-Kyle. “WOW FIRSTBORN,” Nathaniel-Kyle kneels , and ruffles the boy’s black hair, then notices the marks on the boy’s arm , Nathaniel-Kyle , pulls the boy’s shirt down , bruises.

“Who did this to you?” Nathaniel-Kyle asks , the boy points , “A very bad man in there,” A older police officer grabs the younger one , as Nathaniel-Kyle , enter the building , taps his Psionic powers to find the man , using his heat shield he punches through the floors , rising to the entire floor the man owns.

Armed guards , appear , only one of them rises their gun , someone shouts , “PETER NO!” But its too late , Nathaniel-Kyle discharges a beam of energy knocking the man from the building , and into another building.

The armed guards of varies races and ages , drop their guns , and back off , as they watch Firstborn , use his energy blast to punch through the heavy wooden doors, til he stands in the room with fat man, with white hair. The man looks at Firstborn, “I am a lawyer,” Nathaniel-Kyle uses air to push the man aside and pin him there, he then pulls back the blankets , where a small girl is bound with duck tape. Using his fire as carefully as possible , he cuts her bounds , she curls into ball, barely fourteen from what he can scan from her. He takes off his cape , and covers her with it, as police officers arrive. A female officer , covers over to him.

She picks up the girl , and carries her from the room. Nathaniel-Kyle turns to the officers approaching the lawyer , “Give me few minutes,” They look at each other , then depart, the man screams , “YOU BASTARDS!!!” Nathaniel-Kyle comes close to the lawyer , then begins to crush the man’s body with air pressure , he lets out a scream , as his bones break , and it becomes very painful to breathe. Then Nathaniel-Kyle leans into close , as the pressure slowly returns to normal , “You better confess, take the max, or I will kill you.”

The months pass , the police force begins to stabilize , crime plummets , other than a handful of minor crimes , Nathaniel-Kyle finds the city growing dull , as it is too small to attract big name thugs or even its own mafia.

Sitting on a church , eating a cheeseburger , a helicopter using a spotlight hits the building then him. A voice calls out , “Firstborn, the mayor request your presence,” Nathaniel-Kyle slowly gets to his feet, takes flight , heading to the town hall which is also a casino.

Walking through the casino-cityhall, he notices F.B.I. , and other agencies, he is greeted by a small plump woman , he instantly knows her , “Miss Isabel Rivers,” One of the tribal leaders , as well one of the top doctors in California, she smiles, “I thought our local hero would like to be apart of this meeting tonight,” He replies , “I am honored.”

He enters the elevators, after her , she punches a few buttons, and then uses a key. She hums a CCR song, the door opens , standing before the council is Valkirit, his arm crossed as a skinny ugly man is explaining “And that is the reason for three million dollars,” A beautiful woman, with long red hair, shakes her head , “The price quoted was a million plus five hundred thousand in free casino and hotel packages. You can not extort money from my people , we don’t need the Angels of Earth that badly.” Valkirit growls, “Angel of Earth isn’t a charity , we have expenses , and require pay. This job just triple in cost , one million will give you one hero , and a few troops.” She throws up her hands, “You changed the cost after you arrived , we have a contract.”

Nathaniel-Kyle leans over, as Miss Rivers says “Winter Plague, is demanding ransom of three hundred million , plus forty percent of the revenue from the highest earning casino each month. They sent a three wolves to a place in Ohio , killed over a thousand people before Someday arrived and forced them to flee. Last night a place in Oklahoma was hit, the death toll are at five hundred.” The woman turns to Nathaniel-Kyle , she says , “You came recommended by a lot of people. We can’t offer to pay you a lot , twenty thousand and few casino stuff.” Nathaniel-Kyle states, “Save your money , I don’t want it. What can I do to help?”

Valkirit snaps , “They are way out of your league, kid.” Nathaniel-Kyle turns to him, “I am well aware , that Sieglinde, Ult , and Tou, maybe out of my league. That doesn’t mean I can’t help. And if you wanted or even cared about your opinion , I would ask you for it.” He turns to the council leader , she quickly says , “We have a bus program , ready to rock and roll. We are towing cars blocking the streets. We may need you to help with evacuating or ” Nathaniel-Kyle nods, “Got it, cannon fodder,” She smiles at him, “Bluntly yes, you aren’t afraid?” Nathaniel-Kyle shrugs, “Don’t know never faced them before.”

Valkirit turns to the lawyer , “We leaving?” The lawyer shakes his head, “Someday said to stay , for the contracted price. He guessing a more thriving town will hit.”

On the roof , Nathaniel-Kyle doesn’t turn as the mayor approaches him , she stops and looks at the city. She begins , “Sorry we had to meet under these circumstances, my name is Rachel Sasik. I am grateful for your help , in the city and for this,” He turns to her , “They are going to hit the city.” She nods, softly , “F.B.I. thinks they hit the lowest grossing casinos. The few hero groups around , are charging more than we can afford.” Nathaniel-Kyle watches her , then asks, “So you came here to..” She whispers, “This is very hard to ask, I don’t want..” Then softly , “We need thirty minutes in the least to move everyone, forty minutes tops… when they..” Nathaniel-Kyle nods, “I can hold them for forty-five minutes,”

“HA!” Valkirit , appears, “Stupid kid , if Dreamskull and Phantom Singer couldn’t hold them, what makes you think you can,” Nathaniel-Kyle turns to Valkirit , “Because your people fight for money , and fame .. this is my city and my people…” Then softly “Besides it might be fun to kill Tou,” Valkirit watches him , “You can’t kill them, Someday tried, he is one of the strongest heroes in this world.” Nathaniel-Kyle states softly, “True power comes from your heart, Someday sold his heart along time ago.” Valkirit says , “You are a stupid kid. You know nothing about how the world works. Your native ideals are going to get people killed. It’s a good thing you didn’t make it into the Angels of Earth.” Nathaniel-Kyle states , “I will buy forty five minutes , want to make a wager?” Valkirit watches him, then pulls out a floating orb , throws it to him , he catches , “Three millions says you don’t last twenty minutes , what are you willing to bet?” Rachel speaks up , “Casino will back Firstborn’s wager, three million,” Valkirit then adds , “Two million more if you manage to kill Tou.”

Meanwhile ,

“You guys aren’t going to believe these things,” Nathaniel-Kyle watches the eight and half foot werewolves , stalk through the night , he lands , instantly the smell and hear him. He walks slowly , he steps to stand before them , one of them growls , “Me Sieglinde, demand who you are.” Nathaniel-Kyle , replies , “Firstborn,” They smell the air , then Sieglinde demands , “Me Sieglinde, demand why you be here.” Nathaniel-Kyle , states “Its my job to stop you from getting close to the city.” The begin laughing , “Me Sieglinde says you not stop us.” Nathaniel-Kyle nods, “I plan on killing Tou, the rest of you , are stronger than me, so you might kill me.” Tou , shorter but much more muscled and with very thin fur , growls as the other are laughing , “Me Tou , demand to know why you plan to kill me,” Nathaniel-Kyle turns to him, “A few years, in a village in Russian, you murdered a nun and priest, they got me out of Russia and a downward spiral, and thus you are going to die today,” They begin to move , he holds up a hand , “Hold on,” He stops the watch , then he goes “Ready,”

They run into a dust whirlwind , striking air , the air begins to dance , then settles , Sieglinde , Ult and Tou stand back to back , then suddenly a bucket of neon glow pink paint covers Tou , a second coat covers him. He tries to shake the paint from his fur , but he can’t , he begins to choke on the fumes , striking the air , he drops the ground , choking and coughing.

Nathaniel-Kyle lets him breath , having hide behind his cloak covered with dust, Sieglinde leaps into the air , massive bone claw rips from his fur , as he is about to strike , Nathaniel-Kyle produces a massive increase in heat , lighting Sieglinde on fire. The creature hits the ground , screaming , and trying to put the fire out.

Ult attempts to blindside , Nathaniel-Kyle but only manages to strike the cape , ripping it to shreds. Nathaniel-Kyle creates a dust storm , and begins to pelt Ult with rocks and stones, attempting to damage the creature’s eyes.

Tou high on paint fumes , stumbles about , Nathaniel-Kyle fires a stone into Tou skull, knocking him down. Sieglinde rushes Nathaniel-Kyle, turns attempts to focus a burst of fire , but is cut from behind , by Ult.

Sieglinde drives the bone claw into Nathaniel-Kyle’s shoulder , he closes his eyes , throws both from him , with a up surge of wind. They land , and come back , Nathaniel-Kyle lifts a hand , and blasts Sieglinde with energy knocking him into big rock , as Ult is coming in , Nathaniel-Kyle spins but the creature cuts through his armor , he drops to one knee , Ult rears back , Nathaniel-Kyle summons a massive area of dense air, preventing Ult from delivering the fatal blow. Without pausing Nathaniel-Kyle lifts into the air , he watches as Sieglinde is up and Ult is free , he closes his eyes , as both Ult and Sieglinde leap into the air , he feels the air elemental flow through he strains it , then pushes it pass its limits.

A massive stone is lifted and launched , Sieglinde has no controls but up , he turns to the rock , as it strikes him , he drops , as another guest of air , slams the stone straight down, crushing the creature. Ult reaches Ult , grabbing his cape , as he drives a claw strike after claw strike into Nathaniel-Kyle’s body , while pulling him down , Nathaniel-Kyle covers up as best as he can , he lets the cape fall , then hovers , as Ult falls , turning it into a controlled landing. Ult , runs to where Sieglinde lies , the rock is moving.

“Christ, these things don’t die so easy,” Nathaniel-Kyle breathes into his headset. He looks down, his body armor , is ruin , he is cuts in several dozen places. He pulls out the watch , thirty minutes gone, fifteen left.

He lands , as Ult is struggling with the rock , Nathaniel-Kyle , walks to Tou , “When you get to Hell, give my regards to my father, I sent him there as a boy.” Tou screams , “No kill Tou, No kill Tou ,” Ult turns , dropping the rock on Sieglinde , as Nathaniel-Kyle summons up a massive gust up winds , launching Tou into the air. Ult jumps up after him , but Tou is being rocketed , and the air around him thinner and lighter than Ult.

Ult lands , growls , a female voice , “Ult demand you bring Tou down,” Nathaniel-Kyle smiles from under his helmet , at her, “Lady if he does come down he is going to be big splatter spot,” Sieglinde finally gets free of the rock , “Me Sieglinde , pissed” Nathaniel-Kyle replies , “Its understandable , being treated like Wiley E. Coyote does that,” The time beeps , Nathaniel-Kyle turns to them , “I am leaving to town, don’t follow me, go home. You come to town and you will die.” He lifts into the air , the condition in area return to normal , the rushes in. Nathaniel-Kyle creates a blizzard , with lighting , as he leaves.

Elsewhere , Valkirit watches the girl in a green jumpsuit , she whispers, “Tou is dead,” Valkirit watches her , then growls , “You are lying! How is that possible?!” She watches him, then tells him , “He was launched into sub orbit , survived everything but had a massive heart attack, from the fall I think.”

Rachel sits in the safe area , a fortified bunker , reading fairy tales to the children , as Miss Rivers appears , she motions to Rachel , who gets up , “Excuse me, little ones,” Miss Rivers pull her aside, “Firstborn killed one,” Rachel half grins , “House wins. Where is he?” Miss Rivers , watches her, “They are still coming. Angels of Earth received a warning, telling them ‘your little bunker’ won’t protect you.” Rachel whispers, “Someone betrayed us?” Miss Rivers nods again, “We lost contact with Firstborn, after his win, he might be gravely injured.” Rachel goes pale, “I killed him, didn’t I?” Miss Rivers , shakes her , “Hold it together, Rachel, Someday is on his way.”

Meanwhile ,

“Stupid bus,” The police officer , tries the radio , then begin kick the bus. The elderly driver, half in the engine , says , “Yes, keep kicking the bus , that will fix it,” The police officer , shrugs, “Makes me feel better,” The bus is only partially full , mostly the people that you would sweep under the rug , hookers, homeless and assorted criminals.

The police officer , and the driver , volunteer to do another sweep , they had the city cleared in thirty-five minutes , now they are stuck . He begins to kick the bus, the driver pulls back, “That should do it,”

On a rooftop,

Nathaniel-Kyle pulls out a pillbox , tosses it on the ground , it grows into a rail thing humanoid robot, with six arms , it looks at Nathaniel-Kyle. It speaks , “You are not an Angels of Earth member,” Nathaniel-Kyle states, “Can you stitch me up and give me some information?” It repeats, “You are not an Angels of Earth member,” Nathaniel-Kyle says , “Yes, we established this, I need your help,” It switches to a needles , begins to work on Nathaniel-Kyle, it speaks, “Firstborn, I am number ninety five, I will assist you as I can.” Nathaniel-Kyle pulls his helmet off , the robot works the cuts and bruises , Nathaniel-Kyle asks , “Are Sieglinde, and Ult still coming?” The robot replies , “They are, someone told them of the city’s ruse, they arrive at the make shift bunker in less than twenty minutes.”

“Where is Someday?” Nathaniel-Kyle, the robot replies , “Someday will not come.” Nathaniel-Kyle watches the robot, “Why is it that?” The robot replies , “Valkirit is in command here.” Nathaniel-Kyle, puts back his helmet on, then taps the robot , making turn into a pill box.

Valkirit , watches as junior members of the Angels of Earth , stand at the bunker door. Rachel appears next to him , “Aren’t you going to stop them?” Valkirit states, “Contract calls for our aid to evacuate power and provide manpower to protect the people. We are doing so, if you want a new contract you need to talk to our lawyer.” She watches him, “You are a complete bastard,”

The girl in a green jumpsuit, appears, “Incoming message,” Valkirit , turns , walks away.

Elsewhere , as Sieglinde, and Ult appears near the bunker , that is in fact, a coke-a-cola factory with nearly foot thick walls , Sieglinde stops , he smells the air , “Me Sieglinde smell gasoline,” Ult smells the air , then she shakes her head , “Me Ult no smell gasoline,” She watches a huge truck , rumbles from nowhere , Sieglinde , can’t move , he covers up , as the truck strikes him , and carries him with into a building.

Pinned , Sieglinde struggles to get up , as gasoline begins to leak from the tanker , Nathaniel-Kyle jumps out , he quickly kneels over Sieglinde , jamming TNT into his mouth and dropping it on him. Nathaniel-Kyle flies away , turns and launches a fireball , causing a massive blast , bringing the building down on the creature.

Ult turns , “SIEGLINDE!!!” She attempts to get close but she can’t , her sensitive hearing picks up every word , as her mate is cooked alive. She pops bone claws from her fingers , her eyes turn to a bright pink , she lets a massive scream , then rushes at Nathaniel-Kyle, the tricks he used , manipulating air , and thinning air , are lost on the enraged creature.

Nathaniel-Kyle , gets hit his helmet shredded , the creature , drives it claws in a wild whirl wind slash , cutting and ripping Nathaniel-Kyle’s armor , and clothing. He struggles to get his powers to work but he is in so much pain. He finally uses his air control to toss her into the air , but she lands and comes back , he levels a energy blast , but she absorbs , she leaps , he whispers , “Christ,” She lands on him , hitting him with enough force , to break bone and send him flying , he struggles , and barely manages to control the throw , swooping upward at the last second. He spits out blood , watches as she leaps into the air , he summons up wind , and she pushes through it.

“Get the hell out there,” A voice says over the radio , Nathaniel-Kyle , feels the she-werewolf , hit him , he lands in the street , her body weight crushing ribs. He closes his eyes , the soldier takes over , air is used to throw her into the air , and then a small car is dropped on her smashing her into the ground. She tosses the car aside , he can hear Valkirit, ‘Stupid kid, see why they are unbeatable,’ Nathaniel-Kyle barely moves from her strike , he uses his Psionic powers to stay ahead of her , but he begins to tire , from blood lost.

“Give me some place big and open, with no people, NOW!” Nathaniel-Kyle half whispers into the radio. She lands a strike , cutting Nathaniel-Kyle’s arm to the bone , he lets out , a telepathic whisper , lights up a path , and he leads the she-werewolf , to it. She strike him again , he closes his eyes , the scene of Russia , comes flooding back , he stands in the place , then summons forth a massive blizzard , the she-werewolf is hit by a hail stone the size of a car, she begins to get up. The air becomes so thin that she can breath it , lightning strikes her , she leaps , a BMW hits her , she pushes it aside , Nathaniel-Kyle lets the weather go.

Lightning, hail , huge ice chunks , strike her and the surrounding area , she collapse , as she can’t catch her breathe. He begins to bring the weather to normal, it turns to a small winter storm. He stumbles , the she-werewolf is still alive , he turns to find something to drop on her , when…

“YOU SON OF BITCH!” A man slams him in the back with a piece of pipe , Nathaniel-Kyle spins , to throw the man with an air blast. He turns, whispers, “Jesus Christ,” He pushes the man aside , the bus that stalled stands in its place , several people on the ground. The driver ,and police officer working on them , he stumbles , and whispers, “I killed them,” The man runs to him , raising the pipe , but Nathaniel-Kyle kneels , “I didn’t know,”

Among the victims are several children , he closes his eyes ,and screams , launching him into the air. Screaming , “I didn’t know,”

Somewhere over Europe, Nathaniel-Kyle hours later passes out and crashes into a mountain.

“The battle with Sieglinde, Ult , and Tou ended with the deaths on twenty-one citizens. The werewolves , as they are being called , only two survived , the youngest one Tou , was found in Japan, DNA was used to figure out that the crumpled body was his. The werewolf Sieglinde , lies in a coma , which very little hope for recovery has his regeneration doesn’t worked with cooked cells.”

“We, the Angels of Earth, have determined that Firstborn’s lack of control and training , was directly and solely responsible for the death of those children. Our agent in the field , had the situation under control , until Firstborn , killed Tou. We believe that the state and government should look into the mayor reckless disregard for her people.”

“Let me say something , the Angels of Earth attempt to extort more money from our city. The mayor is heartbroken over the lost of life , especially over the young man , who was the sole reason for so many lives saved. While the mayor has been instructed by the F.B.I. from making comments, I will tell you here and now , that something or someone caused Firstborn to fight in that area. I also carry a message to anyone who knows the whereabouts of Firstborn , call our 888 number , or cityhall , or your local media. Firstborn if you see this broadcast , come home.”

“The release of the radio dialog , clearly shows that he pointed somehow to that area.”

“How can you say that? We hear nothing!”

“Its simple , the computer reenactment and PSI on site , show he using controlled powers til he got some kinda of signal to go to that area.”

“Bull, he got tired or was about to die or something and let lose.”

Three weeks pass ,

Nathaniel-Kyle, slowly sits up , a thin bald man , sleeps by the cloth and straw bed. He comes up as Nathaniel-Kyle does, “Welcome back to the land of the living,” The bald man greets. Nathaniel-Kyle, replies, “Should have let me die.” The bald man watches him, “Nevermind the fact that you saved an entire , and even had the presence of mind , to save another life , even while you were dying.” Nathaniel-Kyle, shakes his head, “Any loss of life is too much,” The bald man , nods, “That is true, but from what I know you did your best, better than Someday himself.” Nathaniel-Kyle looks down his body is mostly heal , sore and stiff , “How did I get fixed up like this?” The bald man , smiles, “Its secret for now. Would like some thing to eat?”

Nathaniel-Kyle nods , the bald man motions him to follow , he gets out of bed , dressed in white shirt and red skirt like garment, slowly he follows after the little bald man.

The place , Nathaniel-Kyle wanders through is massive temple carved into the face of mountain, used for centuries as school , and neutral ground for truce meetings between samurai , ninja and other clans through the world.

The bald man , motions for Nathaniel-Kyle to sit, “What would you like to eat?” Nathaniel-Kyle smiles at him , “Anything , as long its not bugs or moving.” The bald man , smiles , “I will bring you something good.” The bald man , leaves , Nathaniel-Kyle takes in the mountain air and feels the coolness of the stone under his feet.

In a little while Nathaniel-Kyle , is given fried chicken , mashed potatoes and corn bread. The little bald man , sits down across him , “I spoke with Rachel Sasik,” Nathaniel-Kyle stops mid-bite, the bald man continues, “She was very worried about you. I didn’t tell her where you were or anything, just told her you were alive.” Nathaniel-Kyle watches him, “She is good person,” He nods, then says , “There is someone I would like you to meet.”

Through the hallways , Nathaniel-Kyle weaves, the bald man , talking about the history of the temple, and their study of everything , including American media. A large door, the bald man , opens the door, sitting in the room , staring a wall is a girl about twelve years old.

Nathaniel-Kyle , steps close to her, he notices his cape held in her hands , the bald man whispers, “You came down in a fireball, very visible. Lead us to this girl , and you generated heat enough to clear a path to her and keep her warm.” Nathaniel-Kyle kneels before her, he reaches out with his Psionic powers , whispering, “She feels empty.” The bald man watches Nathaniel-Kyle, brush her hair from her face , her eyes red from crying , and her face frozen in a look of shock. The bald man , then says , “Some terrible happen, she was in a plane , that crashed into the mountain , she survived , but we can’t find any one else , or record of who she is.” Nathaniel-Kyle struggles, ‘Would it help you if I tapped your mind? Is it better to leave you like this?’ The bald man quietly leaves , Nathaniel-Kyle reaches out , breaking down her defensive barriers , and touching her mind , he slowly unlocks her memories, until her face softens , and she wraps her arms around him, crying.

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