Kyle, Part 2


Watching this is , Rachel Sasik , she turns to the bald man , “I was never here, I just had to see him alive for sure,” The bald man nods, “Whatever you feel is best.” She turns away, “Make sure he understands , it wasn’t his fault.” He nods again.

Sitting in the dinning hall , the bald man sits with a heavyset man , with a long beard , the bald man is speaking , “The little girl is making process , better than just staring at walls. Our other American guest, isn’t do well, I am afraid he will leave before..” The man with the long beard, “As I told you, old friend, the one called Firstborn struggles with demons, he will not solve his problems here. I foresee him being unlocked by one who can truly understand him.”

Even as they speak , Nathaniel-Kyle hugs the girl he found to be named Heather MadHatta, she watches him, her personality and even her voice not hers yet. She doesn’t want him to go, she wants to tell him that, but the words don’t come out, she hugs him and holds on to him.

That night as Nathaniel-Kyle passes over Dallas , Sieglinde dies a violent death, when his life support system and drugs are turned off at the same time. Without the constant drugs , and the life support , his regeneration repairs the uncooked flesh , sends out shockwaves of pain each time. Each shockwave , causes his body to shake , causing more injuries and even more pain, in endless cycle, until his heart gives out.

Namid, just after one am, Nathaniel-Kyle unlocks the door to his apartment, slips in. He breaks open a bottle , and begins to drink, he closes his eyes. In the last few days , he barely slept a hour , he has nightmare , that keep him awake.

So he drinks , until he passes out , and half wakes , when its nearly noon. A tap on the door , makes him gets up and answers the door. He pulls the door open , to find Miss Rivers, she smiles at him, “May I come in?” He nods.

She sits down, glares at the bottle, she then turns to him, “Sieglinde died last night.” Nathaniel-Kyle shrugs , “Good I guess, though I meant no ill will towards him.” She watches him, “Valkirit paid up, almost seven million dollars , apparently he can’t count.” Nathaniel-Kyle says , “Is there something you needed?” She smiles, “I was wondering if you were gonna be back.” Nathaniel-Kyle shrugs, “I am not sure yet.” She takes out a key , “Safety deposit, we had our outfit repaired , its there.” Nathaniel-Kyle is about how did you get my costume, when she stands up and begins toward the door, as her pager rings. She turns to him, “Gotta run, be sure to visit Rachael.”

For the next few days, without his costume , Nathaniel-Kyle returns to hunting criminals , more reserved in using his powers , without regard to his life. Several times , he is nearly shot , several times he is nearly killed, all the while , those people who know his identity, try to help him come to terms with what happened.

A little afternoon,

Wearing his costume , he sits on the roof of the new synagogue, when a rabbi , appears, “Sir?” Nathaniel-Kyle replies, “Don’t worry , I am not a jumper,” The rabbi smiles, “Funny,” Then he says, “A letter was left for you, in fact the same letter was left at every church or house of worship” Nathaniel-Kyle turns , the rabbi hands him the letter, he opens it ,

“Dear Firstborn,

I am a mother of three , we live on the lower end of Namid, there we are besieged by drug dealers, and hookers. The Patchwork Park, and pool , is full of trash, I know it is not your problem but I heard in church that you were back.

He folds the letter, puts it in his suit pocket. He turns to the rabbi , “Thank you,” Then lifts into the air. As he spins through the city , he comes to a lower end of Namid, new to him, filled with varies developments , including a mall, and a Wal-mart.

The park is seemly beautiful , the trees are some kinda of evergreens , the park toys , and structures, are made of some kind of plastic , the ground matted for impact. He drops down, the ground is littered with broken bottles, and all kinds of debris , he turns as a gang of teenagers appears.

“Yo, look what we have! Namid’s own little hero boy.” A heavyset Mexican-American teenage male, tells his group. Nathaniel-Kyle, watches a girl , toss away a bottle, he tell her , “Pick that up,” She looks at the Mexican-American teenage male, opens his mouth , Nathaniel-Kyle fires a blast of energy into him, knocking him into a tree. The teenagers begin to speak , Nathaniel-Kyle cuts them, “This is the why the park is going to work, you use it , you clean. If you want to object , be my guest, there is more than enough debris for all of you.” One teenager says, “Da boy got some juice, I seen him fight da werewolves, he’s got mad skillz,” Another teenager agrees, “He rocks hard,”

Slowly the Mexican-American teenage male stands up, he gets teased, “Owned” “He punked you” “You got so wasted” The Mexican-American teenage male watches Nathaniel-Kyle, whom asks, “We understand each other? You help me , and I help you.” Mexican-American teenage male speaks, “The drugs we got nothing to do with that shit,” Nathaniel-Kyle scans their minds , and finds the people he wants.

He turns and heads towards them , the teenagers begin to follow.

“Uh, Giafranco, Tymoor” A teenager , appears , the two men both over six foot , turn, one with silver gold hair and the other with long black hair. The teenager says , “Freak in a cape coming this way,” Giafranco , the one with the gold and silver hair , dressed in a long coat , draws out his shotgun, causing the crack whores , near them to scatter.

Tymoor , takes a long line of coke , before drawing out a shotgun as well. They watch as Nathaniel-Kyle approaches , flanked by half the park, he stops a few feet from them. Giafranco pulls out a black leather bound paper document , “Confederacy of Europe merchants conducting legitimate business.” Giafranco presses on , “Drug sells are legal in the US , under our agreement with Angels of Earth and United States Justice Department,” Nathaniel-Kyle shrugs, “Don’t know , and don’t care. Go sell it on their front step. You are causing problems, this is a place for public gatherings.” Giafranco points to him, “Get mister self-righteous, here.” Nathaniel-Kyle, smiles , under helmet, then walks pass them , to their car , he watches there face , as he turns on the heat , melting the car.

They watch him, “Every time I see you, I will melt your car , and I will melt the cars of anyone who buys from you.” He watches Giafranco, continues , “As for your clients, that make their money by theft, murder, and assault , I will begin to pay special attention to them.” Giafranco blasts Nathaniel-Kyle, who lifts melting the buckshot. He then creates a up gust on air , sending Giafranco into the air, he then reaches takes Tymoor’s shotgun , he watches the man, “Every bottle, every needle , now, or the next thing you see will be Japan just before you hit it.

Nathaniel-Kyle rockets into the air , using a push of air , he reaches Giafranco, grabbing him, the man has lost control of his bowels , he begins to cry. Nathaniel-Kyle asks him, “Would you like to die?” Giafranco shakes his head, “Please no!” Nathaniel-Kyle states , “The money you made today, and the last few days , its mine. Understood?” He nods, Nathaniel-Kyle then says, “Each day you are slowly killing people , it’s a great way to make money, I see you in my city again without special permission , I am going to drop you from this height. Understood?” Giafranco nods.

Later that night, Nathaniel-Kyle in street clothes , sits by Rachel , watching the moon. She does most of the talking , struggling to find a way to bring out more of Nathaniel-Kyle’s inner demons. She goes silent for long time, before Nathaniel-Kyle says , “The moon and stars are almost as pretty as you,” He smiles at her , she can’t tell whether it’s a bad line or he is messing with her. She reaches over and kisses him , he kisses her back.

The next morning Nathaniel-Kyle , in costume kneels over the grave sites of his victims from the battle with the werewolves, a man appears, “What are you doing here?” Nathaniel-Kyle, finishes laying flowers , he turns to the man, “Even though it makes no difference , I didn’t know there were people there , or I would have lead the she-werewolf elsewhere.” The man , snaps, “You’re lying, I worked for twenty years with the Angels of Earth , they have data on the fight. You decided to fight there, because you were getting tired.” Nathaniel-Kyle shakes his head no, “I was getting tired because I was cut to ribbons , I would have rather died than get people killed. I sent two messages to the Angels of Earth , requesting help , they attempted to extort more money from the city.” He turns to the grave , and says , “We will talk again later,” He lifts into the air. Marked on the grave stone is the name Amy Etheresia.

That afternoon,

Miss Rivers and Rachael , sit drinking coffee, Rachael lowers her head, “His getting worst.” Miss Rivers, nods, “He’s been getting more reckless, almost suicidal,” Rachael nods, “His body armor is plastic now” then softly “I really love him….”

That night , Nathaniel-Kyle takes another pill , he has been awake nearly four days , he lands in the docks , as police cars arrive , he uses air control to throw the henchmen aside, he turns as a sound comes , he doesn’t more or use his powers. A katana sinks into gut, he drops the ground , another blade is stab into his back, ripping his lung.

The man standing over Nathaniel-Kyle, draws back the blade to behead him , when he hears something he turns , a fork lift hits him , he and the fork lift go over the pier.

“We found bottles of pills , that enabled him to stay, Miss Sasik. We found tons of bottles, it appears he has been drunk, nearly the whole time his been back. The video tape from the pier ends with him being stabbed in the back, we found the killer in the water under a fork lift.” Rachael was curled up in a ball, crying as her detectives told her about the second apparent death of her lover.

Elsewhere Heather MadHatta, steps from the city bus , she walks into the White Cran casino, she shoulders her bag , then enters, the place is beautiful , she looks over the guests and other people. She walks to the counter , a well groomed woman , greets her , “Hello welcome to the White Cran casino and hotel,” Heather smiles, “I was told to give you this.” The lady buzzes the manager, a skinny older man appears, “She has one of these, but she looks like a minor,” Heather , pulls out a piece of paper, “My legal guardian is a named Nathaniel-Kyle Wildine, he wasn’t expecting me today. So he said if he wasn’t at his apartment to come here.” The manager , is about to speak, when an elderly lady appeals , she raps the manager on the head with her cane.

“I hope you were pleasant to this young lady,” The elderly woman, smiles at Heather, “Jenibear Rivers, sister to your..” Heather smiles, “Legal guardian, though he is more of a brother,” Jenibear smiles, “Let me show you to the apartment he set up for you, and he left some cash in the safe for you.” She walks around the counter, leaving the manager to rub his head.

“Do you remember my daughter? Isabel Rivers?” The elderly woman asks , Heather, “Yes, I do , and my thanks for the socks , I love them.” Jenibear smiles, “I shall spoil you later when you get settled in, clothing , food , and movies.” Heather smiles, “I would enjoy that.”

The apartment is three bedroom , with huge living and dinning room. The place is design in black and gold , the walls are lined with soft felt material that is fire proof , the bed rooms each have big closets. Jenibear , shows her around , “There is a prepaid account for dine in, as well as the buffet , and petty cash, around a million in varies forms, I will get you a secured Visa card, and MasterCard.” Jenibear smiles , as Heather says “I am grateful,”

After eating a small steak and fried shrimp , Heather dumps her bag on the bed , she throws the pillbox on the ground , the robot pops out , “Greetings , number twenty one, did you finish reprogramming yourself with the data from ninety five?” It replies, “Easy as pie , brat” She smiles, “Ok, would you please track Grant Etheresia,” It replies, “Ok, so what is the battle plan, brat?” She opens a notepad , saying “Uh, let’s see have twenty one track Grant… hmmm next thing is to turn twenty one into a slot machine,” It replies, “Ouch, come on, a slot machine?.” She reaches into her bag, draws out a floating orb, the same one from Nathaniel-Kyle’s battle with the werewolves.

Grant Etheresia, closes the door, as he does , he spins , as a figure pulls itself from the darkness, Heather wearing a black body suit , and Nathaniel-Kyle’s spare helmet. Her left forearm is cover by a thick leather bluish glove, she states, “Welcome home, Mister Etheresia,” He begins to open his mouth, she speaks over him, “I find it very appalling, that you would blame, Firstborn for time cut short with your daughter,” She grabs him , then drags him to the couch , “When I was little girl, I use to play your little one. She was a good friend. You wanted nothing to do with her for over eleven years. Suddenly its Firstborn fault that you only had a year to get to know.” She sits on the couch, drawing out the floating orb, “The orb from the battle, minus the camera.” He whispers, “Who are you?” She walks to window, pushes it open, “It depends what you do with that information,” She leaps from the six story window.

Through the night, Heather soars , she watches the city , a voice speaks over her headset, “Armed Robbery in progress, 18th and Kimper”, she clicks the helmet, bringing up a grid , she follows it to the trail towards the bakery.

As two men , exit the store , she lands very quietly , one man turns , he breathes, “Firstborn..” The other man, snaps, “Don’t even kid,” The second turns , his begins to fire , the bullets strike Heather’s body with a soft thud , she lifts both hands , a brilliant flash.

The first man , screams “I’M BLIND” Heather walks into him then gives him a gently upper cut into the gut , he gasps and drops to the ground. She checks him, then walks to his partner , the man is wiping his eyes , she punches him , he goes flying she says, “Oops,” She takes fly , and outraces the man, preventing him from going into an intersection.

A police officer, a fat round man, runs towards her, she whispers, “Sorry , I hit you too hard,” She places a hand on him, she whispers, “This is gonna hurt,” The police officer freezes , as the girl begins to slowly fix the man, he screams and cries, then passes out.

Heather stands up, then turns to the police officer, “Hit him too hard,” The officer , kneels over him, “What did you do to him?” Heather explains, “I can heal others, and myself.” The police officer asks, “Who are you and why are you wearing Firstborn’s helmet?” Heather thinks for a moment, then softly , “I am Patriot Knight here to help him. Sidekick or something,” The officer locks up the man, then says “News says that Firstborn was killed.” Heather shrugs, “Maybe , maybe not.”

Through the growing darkness , Heather searches for any way to help and test her powers. She feels a beep, then begins to head back towards the hotel. She finds a public restroom to change in and enters the hotel just after nine.

She steps into the elevator , she finds Rachel Sasik. Rachel smiles and Heather smiles, giving each other a hug. Rachel, asks “Where have you been?” Heather grins, “Seeing the sights,” Rachel watches her , then says “You are twelve you shouldn’t be out pass eight at most,” Heather presses the button for her floor.

Rachel walks the apartment , she remarks, “Its beautiful, who is the designer?” Heather grins, “I did most of it, Nathan gave me a big budget.” Rachel looks instantly sad, and tired, Heather hugs her, whispering , “He is still alive,” Rachel pulls back, but Heather pulls her tight, Rachel can barely move, “He possesses many secrets , but he makes no secret about how much he loves you. He would not leave you alone.” She then breathes, “I was so jealous of you, when he would sit with me in the temple, there I was trapped in a small room in both my mind and physical body, he would peel the walls away. He would rock me to sleep, read me stories, I thought I wanted him to love me like he loves you. He left a door to his soul, at first surface thoughts then more.” She finishes, “I came to terms with the fact that he is more of a father, friend and brother.. but I still can not tell you how hard it was knowing that the man that brought me back from death, and a place worst than death , would never allow me to love him. Not because of you, but because he knew , it was a bond created , I longed to repay him and he knew that, he knows my heart.”

Rachel felt the little girl relax her grip, then she hugged Heather, “I hope we can become friends, sisters, I am really sorry that he left, I know he did so for me. I..” She begins to cry.

Elsewhere, Grant Etheresia works the floating orb to get it to project its data. The old access codes still work , the orb comes to life , “Orb ninety five online,” Grant Etheresia , demands, “Show me the battle between Firstborn and the werewolves,”

“Data scanning , files found..” Grant grabs a beer and piece of pie , as the battle unfolds, the data recorded shows that the little area was controlled so that the air content is just below breathable levels, and is filled with varies things , including black pepper , and droplets of clear plastic that distort the vision.

He watches the first battle unfold , the data shows , the air was changed and shifted , causing the creatures to miss easy shot , and to land glancing attacks. Grant leans forward, then says “Enhance image by 90%” He touches the area in the air , and notices a headset on Sieglinde, the design is Angels of Earth. He continues, watching the battling , then the ending with Tou’s death.

The next battle , he enhances the images , the first thing he sees is “Two messages sent” Grant stops the player , “Access messages,”

“Message one , Firstborn to Valkirit

I need your help. I don’t know why you called off Someday, but I can defeat at least one more, but the she-werewolf apparently is stronger. I just need one other person, or data feed to my helmet, or anything.”

Message two , Firstborn to Angels of Earth database

“I’ve tried the normal channels , but Valkirit isn’t responding to me. Something very weird is going on here , our location has been revealed. They aren’t even hunting, they are following a map, I need some help , or a lot of people are going to die. Is anyone receiving this?”

Grant taps the screen to watch the final battle. He watches , as Sieglinde, is basically held by air , and run over with a truck.

“Get the hell out there,” Rachael , Grants notes the concern her in voice. Barely audible , “I can’t”

“Give me some place big and open, with no people, NOW!” Nathaniel-Kyle half whispers.

Grant whispers, “Enhance the image , distill for Psionic images or energy,” The image shimmers , then reveals a pathway , Firstborn , follows the path.

Two days later , Heather enters Grant’s apartment, he sits in the dim light, watching the video. She speaks up, “The verdict?” He doesn’t stir , “He was lead there, the Psionic pathing puts him within a block of the bus , he moves backwards , trying to distance himself from the shelter. He is guided by his helmet images , I can see it in the reflection of his eyes.” He gets up, “I’ve reviewed it hundreds of times, each time , I find strange Angels of Earth devices on the werewolves.” He slams his fist into the counter, “I wish it was a forgery , I wish the last access number wasn’t Patriot Marvel.” Turns her , “Patriot Marvel had a daughter , I figure you are her brat,” Heather , watches him, “Did you notice that in the final battle, there was bottle hanging from the she-werewolf,” He nods, “Adrenaline tubing, eight of them.” Heather watches him, then says , “So you are going to help us?” He nods. She hands him a notepad , then some fabric scraps from her mother’s costume.

“So he is alive?” He asks, she shrugs , “More or less. I need one more thing,” She hands material , that looks like chainmail but is soft as silk. “I need the armor to padded with this material , and I need some weapons ,” She turns away , he asks , “Do you have all of your mother’s powers?” She takes flight, and vanishes.

Suddenly twenty one pops out, “She has a huge burden on her for a twelve year. Aside from the given problems , she trusts you fully but can’t afford to say so. I will help you.” Grant sits down, and pulls his gear from under the couch , he states “She hates me,” Twenty one replies, “Yes,”


“You awake?” Heather’s voice wraps itself around Nathaniel-Kyle’s mind. He breathes, “Where am I?” She doesn’t answer him, “We don’t have much time, so you will listen , you speak , when spoken to , is that understood, Nathan?” Nathaniel-Kyle answers, “Yes,”

Nathaniel-Kyle suddenly finds himself of a plane, he smiles at the little girl , Heather MadHatta, is singing along , as her father and mother , lead a chorus of CCR music. He then watches as Heather’s mother slumps over in her seat , the plane begins to wobble , Nathaniel-Kyle begins to scream , Heather screams , then there is an explosion , the pilot , Heather’s father struggles with the plane , he manages to prevent a full frontal crash , he slides the plane in snow bank, the force of the impact knocks the engine to the front seat.

Nathaniel-Kyle is pinned , he struggles , and fights, as the plane begins to slide down the mountain breaking up , until only the section he is left. Heather screams, and cries struggling like mad to get out of the seat sandwich.

The hours drift by , she wakes long enough to struggle , only to pass out, when she finally gets the seat pushed back, she slides into the snow. She screams for her mother, and father, she finds her father , broken body in heap by the edge of cliff.

Nathaniel-Kyle follows her, as she wanders through the darkness , and snow, until she trips over her mother’s body. She drops to a kneel, her mother is breathing slowly , “Mom?! MOM?! YOU CAN’T BE!”

“My mother was a hero , a masked American hero named Patriot Marvel. Body Armor skin,

Super Strength, were her trademarks , she died some time later, she told me , ‘When I died, baby, I want you to pile on all the clothing you can, and if you have to , eat us.’ I sworn to her , that I could never eat her.”

Nathaniel-Kyle watches , as little Heather piles on massive amounts of clothing, and makes a small shelter, she opens a pillbox , “Twenty one is my little brother, he was born with crippling virus , and his entire self was ported to a pillbox robot. We called for help, we gave GPS and nobody came.”

“At some point , it had been a month, of eating the supplies , when I finally broke down and begin to eat my parents. After I had done that , a large chunk of ice fell on me , and the plane. As I lay there, all I could think about what I had done to my parents, how I would die anyhow.”

“When the very last ounce of life was nearly gone you crashes , and created a place as warm as summer. You bleeding so badly , I swear I saw the grim reaper.”

Nathaniel-Kyle draws the little girl in his body , and wraps her in his cape, then begins to raise the temperature, protecting her , she huddles closer. “You were nearly dead , I could feel it, I could see your injuries , I touched you and begin to heal you.”

“The walls came up, as the monks came, and I went into that state of endless nightmares.”

Nathaniel-Kyle watches , she sits close to him , “I spent my time, finding the answers to what brought you to that mountain. I discovered proof that you didn’t mean to kill those children. I also uncovered a plot , by Angels of Earth , to manipulate Grant Etheresia into working for them again. There is also proof that they engineered the werewolves release to extort money from the cities that use their services.”

Nathaniel-Kyle begins to speak, she reaches out and inducing pain , causing him to look hurt. She continues , “Do you know or remember the name NightTripper?” Nathaniel-Kyle nods, “Mass murderer in Europe , and China , he was killed though,” Heather states, “Apparently he is linked to massacres , including the one you took part in Laika. He engineered that too, he also engineered the battles throughout Europe and Asia.” She pauses, “Winter Plague, has Angels of Earth clearance , someone in the Angels of Earth sold out the plans of the cities defense. And sold out fellow members who were going to protect the other town.”

“I’ve set a trap, you had two days to piece meal your memories together and watch the tape , I left you. If you aren’t hundred percent , mentality then don’t come. Rachael deserves better to have you going dead every few days.”

Nathaniel-Kyle twists , tape in his hand, the heavyset man , with a long beard whom had spoke to the bald man, sits down. Nathaniel-Kyle feels a sharp rap on the shoulder, he jumps , the heavyset man , with a long beard, “I am Svumnor, once a great ninja master, once a talented samurai, and you , my young friend , are an idiot,” Nathaniel-Kyle watches him , as he continues , “I’ve seen you for a while, since birth , in fact , everyone who will step into our temple , we can see their lives. We can see their past , and present , you my friend are looking for something. Yet you need to stop looking..” Nathaniel-Kyle opens his mouth, the heavyset man, raps him again , so fast , Nathaniel-Kyle can’t see it, “Speak only when spoken to , while in these temples. You possess limited Psionic powers, correct?” Nathaniel-Kyle nods, “Yes,” the heavyset man , “You scan for life signatures , you can even feel the cat that hidden , in the test. Now ask yourself, why couldn’t you feel the life signatures in the two massacres?” Nathaniel-Kyle thinks, then says “Because they don’t work understand,” The heavyset man raps him on the shoulder, “Idiot, think about that. How the hell did you see the telepathic image of the path and hear Valkirit’s thoughts? You are a simple fool, I should beat you about the skull..”

Nathaniel-Kyle watches him, then softly , “Someone blocked my Psionic abilities.” The heavyset man , exclaims, “Finally! Now think real hard , what happen at both massacres,” Nathaniel-Kyle says, “Dead radio waves,” The heavyset man , watches him , then says , “Slow enough to be a samurai ,” He stands up, saying “There is a little girl that loves you and needs you to train her , her powers far exceed those of her mother. But unlike her mother , she has someone who take the time to unlock the true power hidden inside.”

Through the cold night air , Nathaniel-Kyle flies toward , Namid , his mind settled that he is fully responsible, and that there are others who will pay. His minds twist around the old ninja’s words.

Heather sits up, she feels Nathaniel-Kyle , she smiles into the darkness, “Going for a forbidding dark hero thing there , Nathan?” He replies , “You spent two million ,” She slides from bed , wearing long black PJs , he hugs her , “Thank you for everything,” Rachael watches the two, Nathaniel-Kyle turns to her , and scoops her up , holding her.

In the darkness , the only light a faint glow from a candle , Nathaniel-Kyle and Heather , reveal Heather’s secret identity, bring a response , “Well duh! I mean she holds me in an iron grip , slips out at night , has a cape in her room. It was either that , or she was WWF wrestler,” Nathaniel-Kyle turns to Rachael, hands her a box , saying , “Open this after leave,”

As the fly through the air, he turns to her, putting a hand on her shoulder, “I need you to do me a favor,” She watches him, “Ok, anything,” He watches her , then says , “Transform,” She whispers, “I don’t know how.. besides I would scared to.” He looks into her eyes , “You do know to, and you know the reason your mother was afraid , because she was lied.” She closes her eyes , her blonde turns white , she slowly becomes more tone.

She smiles, “I feel … good,” He leads her through the night , they land , at Grant Etheresia’s apartment , Grant watches Nathaniel-Kyle, begins to speak, but Nathaniel-Kyle , says “I will find the people responsible for this.” Heather takes the bed room , coming back in a short miniskirt, with full black suit , her mother’s suit’s remains the chest and arm strips woven into the suit.

Nathaniel-Kyle steps into the bedroom, after her , and comes out with black body suit , with chainmail mesh down the right side , blue shin and forearm guards. A simple hood covers his head, he turns to Heather, “Mask? Cape?” She smiles, press the buttons on the right glove, he does so , and a retractable cloak and mask appear at his touch. He looks in the mirror, “Hockey mask?” She grins, “Nothing scares people like a hockey mask, besides your other helmet got damaged.”

Heather shoulders a bag, then follows Nathaniel-Kyle out the window.

As they take flight , Nathaniel-Kyle turns to her , “What did you have stuffed by the by?” She turns to him, a simple mask over her face, “It’s a surprise,” Nathaniel-Kyle, turns to her, “So what is the battle plan?” Heather smiles , “We bring the players to a surprise party,”

“We have a major problem,” a voice speaks , Valkirit listens , then says , “Its solving itself, Grant Etheresia called. We are handling it.” The voice states, “It better be resolved.”

An Angels of Earth , carries Valkirit , he turns to Ult, she growls , “Me Ult want to kill Firstborn,” Valkirit , nods , “The little bastard is being more trouble than he is worth, when we get done here , and with him , I am going to torture that mayor friend’s of his.” The Angels of Earth soldiers , watch them the two , they wear Winter Plague symbols as well.

They descent into the little growing community in north east California, nothing more than a construction yard , Valkirit scans the area with his Psionic powers , then smiles, “He is completely alone and injured.” Ult smiles , a sickening smile of teeth , she says , “Me Ult will kill Firstborn,” Valkirit , deadens the area Psionically , preventing Firstborn from sensing life signature.

The come in low , the soldiers , thirty total jump from the jet , Valkirit and Ult , follow after them. Valkirit , orders the soldiers, “He is on the eleventh floor , I want you to begin to up the stairs , and cut him off, I doubt he will fight. I can sense that he is gravely injured , and might even be sleeping.”

Ult leaps straight up , and hits the plate form , as she does lights come on, she stares at the stuffed remains of Sieglinde, and Tou. She begins to get enraged , when a bunch of needles strike her , she watches as Nathaniel-Kyle appeals, “Anti-adrenaline vitals, a dozen of them. You are at normal strength.” Ult breathes , “Ult says you no hurt,” Nathaniel-Kyle, appears in the light, she backs up, “Nothing a cheesecake and girl won’t cure.” He then watches her , she whispers, “Ult demands to know why you stuff Sieglinde, and Tou!” Nathaniel-Kyle , shrugs , “The prizes from Crackerjack’s don’t cut it any more…”

She throws herself at him , he waits then lets out a massive scream , a sonic attack , throwing her backwards. He watches as she barely manages to catch herself, she rushes at him again , he lets a steel beam fly pass him , and strike her , she is taken over the side of the building.

Meanwhile , as the thirty soldiers hear the scream they rush up the stairs , as they do , ninjas and monks begin to pull from the walls. The soldiers , watch as ninjas , rise like shadows from the ground, instantly the soldiers , are in close quarters fighting , using their guns to block the katana and claw weapons.

The heavyset man , with the long beard, walks among the students , yelling instruction , as if this was a training sim and not real combat. He raps a soldier on the shoulder, “Keep your focus , you are thinking too much about dying , my students need focused warriors.” He pushes a ninja from a soldier, “This is not dance class , don’t grab and cling to the men… I swear some of you are sailors!” A ninja strikes down a soldier , then melts into the shadows, the heavyset man , nods , “Very good, use that stealth, there is plenty for all, don’t double team.”

The soldiers begin to fall , as they can’t tell when they score a kill , as the ninjas instantly vanish , even going so far as taunt and toy with them. The heavyset man walking through the battlefield , without any regard to his safety , causes them to unnerve , even armored super powered individuals , don’t treat the field like a school.

Nathaniel-Kyle lands as Ult is getting to her feet , she leaps into him , he throws up a wall of air, she slams into it. She backs off , she breathes “Ult says you not Firstborn,” Nathaniel-Kyle lifts a hand blasting Ult backwards , she hits the ground , and slowly gets up.

She jumps into him , he waits til she is nearly on him , when he lets out a massive sonic scream , throwing her backwards. She slowly shakes the effects off, Nathaniel-Kyle says , “You have a single chance to save your life , talk or die,” She rushes him , Nathaniel-Kyle uses his air control to increase his agility and speed , avoiding her , she turns , and comes again , Nathaniel-Kyle lifts a hand , surging a air up , she gets tossed into the air.

As she comes down , she attempts to turn it into a controlled fall , but she feels a massive down surge of air , causing her to strike the ground. She gets up , slowly her mouth bleeding and beginning to repair , Nathaniel-Kyle closes his eyes , she rushes him , as she is about to hit him , he drops a cement truck on her , she screams as bones break.

Nathaniel-Kyle rips steel beams from the top floor , and drops them on her , she struggles, he pulls the cement truck apart and pours the cement on top of the she-werewolf. She struggles , Nathaniel-Kyle , approaches her , “Talk or die,”

Elsewhere , Valkirit , having seen the trap , takes off , but he is blocked by a female with white hair, and wearing a mask. She greets Valkirit, “Patriot Knight, partner of Firstborn, daughter to Patriot Marvel, you are under arrest.. Ah screw it,” She hits him with all her strength , sending him into the ground like a rocket , she drops after him.

Valkirit , looks down at his ribs , caved in , he puts up a force field , and tries to grabs the girl’s mind , but she is shielded. He watches as she hits his force field , causing him to feel the blow , he drops the force , and lunges at her , he hits her a few times , she spits and smiles.

He backs off , she hits with an upper cut , then right cross , then another upper cut, he drops to the ground , she picks him up off the ground , his mask and helmet caved in. She begins to deliver punches , and kicks , spending her pent up rage on his body.

His armor begins to crack, and tear , as she begins to punch then chase him down. He passes out , at some point , only to wake , and to pass out again. She rears back to finish him, then watches as Nathaniel-Kyle appears, “I think he is done, unless you wanted to kill him.” She shrugs , “For someone who killed over ten thousand people , he isn’t very strong.” She turns to him, “And the Scooby Doo knock off?” He smiles under the mask, “Doing a Han Solo impressive… Uh , these ninjas are creepy,” She watches a fifteen ninjas pull from the shadows , followed by the heavyset man, he says “Creepy? You would never have noticed us , if you didn’t have Psionic powers.” Nathaniel-Kyle turns to him, “I owe you , training with you , has improved my control and powers.” He nods, “You are still idiot, but you so-so this battle, you acts of kindness on the she-werewolf was pointless, though..” He raps Heather on the thigh, “Your total overkill on force was very well executed , but you need to control your damage more, you could have killed him with the first hit..” She lowers her head, “Emotion got to me,” Nathaniel-Kyle reaches out and lifts her face , “Never be ashamed of that, just be aware that you are very strong,”

A few days , later Rachael stands next to Nathaniel-Kyle, she says , “So Valkirit and the Winter Plague staged the attacks for money.” Nathaniel-Kyle nods, “The mastermind NightTripper vanished, but the ninja clans , are keeping Winter Plague ..” Rachael smiles, “Really scary , the ninja lawyers..” Nathaniel-Kyle asks “So what is your answer about the package?” She shrugs, “I am not sure, how to response to a marriage proposal from a Super Hero with a teenager who is also a super hero.” He smiles, “Aren’t afraid are you?” She smiles, “Don’t know , until I face you two will I?”

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