Disguised as a radar technician named “Matt”, Kylo Ren goes undercover on Starkiller Base.

Proving that he has an amazing sense of humor, Adam Driver, the man behind Kylo Ren’s mask, has appeared in a Saturday Night Live skit parodying the popular reality show: Undercover Boss.

The skit follows Driver, as Ren, going “undercover” on Starkiller Base. He assumes the role of a lowly radar technician named “Matt” to see what his Stormtroopers really think of him.

It’s absolutely hilarious, and features moments such as Ren writing a rainbow filled apology card for killing an employee’s son, Stormtroopers talking shit about Ren’s physical prowess, and pretty much everyone realizing that “Matt” is Ren almost immediately.

Driver’s acting in this is absolutely flawless, and it really makes you believe that this is actually Kylo Ren somehow thrown into an episode of Undercover Boss. It’s all the nuanced little details, like his signature little twitches and incredibly short temper.

Source: Saturday Night Live

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