Successful Kickstarter project makes its pack of 23 games available to everyone — with more games on the way.

The first experimental game pack from LA Game Space, a non-profit center for video game art, design, and research, will contain 33 games for $15, and now it’s available to download for anyone who didn’t back the Kickstarter project. The diverse selection includes work from various independent developers, some better known than others. Cactus, the developer known for Hotline Miami, and Bit.Trip‘s Chris Osborn, Scale‘s Steve Swink, and Fotonica‘s Santa Ragione are just a few examples to be named. Keita Takahashi , creator of Katamari Damacy, teamed up with Adam Saltsman, creator of side-scroller Canabalt, to make A͈L͈P͈H͈A͈B͈E͈T͈, while Adventure Time creator Pendleton Ward and QWOP‘s Bennett Foddy worked together on Cheque Please. A full list of games and their availability on Windows, Mac, and Linux is available on the website.

The LA Game Space hosts exhibitions, brings in speakers, teaches others through workshops, provides residents with work space and opportunities, and provides access to a wide variety of platforms and devices through the game research labs. It’s located in Los Angeles, but open to the public online through live streaming and archived recordings. It will open in 2014.

So far, 23 games are available in Experimental Game Pack 01. Ten more will be added as they are released. The pack is available for purchase at $15 for the next 10 days.

Source: LA Game Space

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