Langdell Says Resignation Had IGDA’s “Best Interests” at Heart


In a statement regarding his resignation from the International Game Developers Association, the controversial Tim Langdell maintained that the move was solely done to protect the IGDA and “not because I have done anything wrong.”

Yesterday Tim Langdell, the CEO of EDGE Games, stepped down from his position on the Board of Directors of the International Game Developers Association. Langdell has become the subject of quite the brouhaha in recent times, having been accused of using his trademark on the word “edge” for the decidedly shady purpose of forcing companies into licensing the word from him or facing the threat of legal action.

Langdell’s prominent position on the IGDA prompted those who believed he was using said position for personal gain to call for his disbarring, but Langdell has gone ahead and done it without them. Langdell claims, however, that his resignation has nothing to do with the allegedly questionable quality of his character and only serves to protect the IGDA.

“I make this decision not because I have done anything wrong — on the contrary I am confident that all accusations against me were unfounded and purely intended to defame, and am confident that I have at all times acted in the best interest of the IGDA and its membership — but because I must make this decision between concluding a process that will show I did no wrong, and having that process irreparably damage the IGDA, I cannot permit the latter to happen,” he said in a statement.

A meeting of the IGDA had been scheduled for October 3 to discuss the matter of Langdell’s position on the Board. That meeting, obviously is no longer necessary, but Langdell believes that it wouldn’t have done much good anyway. “There are some who will take my stepping down as an admission of wrongdoing, but they are the same people who if the October 3 Special Meeting had gone ahead resulting in my remaining on the board would have refused to accept that outcome,” he said.

Langdell says that he will continue to remain an “active member” of the IGDA.

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