Laser Gadget Maker Creates X-Men Inspired Laser Eyes


Laser Gadgets’ Patrick Priebe has created a set of goggles equipped with Arctic Spyder 3 lasers.

Pretty much as long as I can remember, Cyclops has always been my favorite X-Man. Sure, he’s the perpetual straight man and arguably more boring than Wolverine, but when I was kid watching X-Men every Saturday morning, he always wound up being the character I latched onto. And as much as I’d love for there to be some complex reason for this preference, I know it’s just because I loved his mutant power. I mean, really, who doesn’t want laser eyes?

Apparently, there’s more than one person in the world who thinks like me. Patrick Priebe of Laser Gadgets, for instance, recently released a video of custom made goggles designed to given their user at least the vaguest inkling of what it means to Scott Summers. The goggles, which Priebe describes in the video as “insanely stupid and dangerous,” contain a pair of Arctic Spyder 3 portable lasers. The Spyder 3 is, of course, the world’s most powerful portable laser, capable of setting fire to human skin. The goggles also employ a pair of weaker red lasers for targeting and are hands free to make them more “cool.”

Granted, these goggles aren’t really the same thing as Cyclops non-removable optic blasts. That said, watching Priebe don them, scorch fabric and pop balloons is pretty danged cool and makes me wish I had a pair of my own, even if I probably would just blind myself. Unfortunately for my inner-child, Priebe is refusing to sell his goggles or provide any tutorials to help others make their own. It’s almost like he safety concerns or something.

Source: YouTube

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