Whoa! Whoa! Goldurn it mule, when I say whoa, I mean whoa!

You’re just an ordinary squire in an extraordinary world, and it’s your job to joust your way to glory in Last Knight, which has launched on Desura for PC and Mac. If you’ve ever dreamed of being knocked off your mule and dragged like a tiny tin-plated anchor behind its flashing hooves, today’s your lucky day. Or maybe you’d rather knock a few other knights off of their mighty steeds; actually, that sounds more fun. Have a look at this, and ask yourself whether you want to save the kingdom this week or do your knightly laundry instead.

It’s a physics-based ever changing world in which you live in, but hopefully you won’t give in and cry if, say, a toad eats you whole, or a spider munches your face. Get gold and chivalry which you can spend on power ups, or to unlock extra modes, like first person view. Or maybe you’d rather customize your character, for those days when only an outsize crown will suit your mood. The world never stops moving, the weather’s constantly changing, and you keep bashing into things. What more could any knight ask for?

This is only a Desura title at the moment. Green Man and Amazon are due sometime in the future, and there’s a Steam Greenlight page if you’re feeling keen.

Source: Last Knight

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