Fans of comics and uncomfortably sexy plants rejoice! The latest trailer for Batman: Arkham Asylum reveals Poison Ivy in all her pullulating splendor.

Not since the works of Georgia O’Keefe have plants and female naughty bits been so cleverly intertwined. While those kiddies who grew up on Batman: The Animated Series might take issue with Ivy’s less-than-human B:AA iteration, they will be pleased once she starts speaking in those familiar, sultry tones.

I’m beginning to wonder though, since the game includes all of Batman’s important foes, how fleshed-out will they manage to be? I don’t necessarily expect origin stories, but I’d hate to see complex, hyper-neurotic figures like The Joker reduced to simple end-level bosses.

Batman: Arkham Asylum hits the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and Windows platforms on June 23rd.

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