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The latest PS4 firmware update has caused many PS4 owners problems with their consoles being unable to start up from rest mode.

Sony has released an update to the PS4 that will fix the problems caused by the 2.0 firmware update, leaving several PS4 owners with consoles that could not start up from rest mode. People with this problem found they had to completely restart the console, and others reported their consoles had been bricked.

The v2.01 update is “rolling out today,” PlayStation Europe stated on Twitter today. The v2.0 update went live on October 28, introducing Share Play, renaming Standby mode to Rest mode, added video upload support for YouTube, themes, a USB music player, and better live broadcasting.

Beyond consoles becoming unable to turn back on from rest mode, PS4 owners have also encountered connectivity problems and volume problems. Rest mode replaced the previous Standby mode in the 2.0 update. It has the same function: suspending the PS4 for charging controllers and downloading games while the console isn’t in use.

If you are having trouble with starting your PS4, Sony recommends booting the console in safe mode. Hard resets are dangerous as they may corrupt system data or brick the console.

To update your PS4, find system software update in the settings. The latest update is rolling out today.

Source: PlayStation (Twitter)

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