Laugh at the Minecraft 1.2 Features Released Today


Minecraft gets an official update with jungles, cats and … iron golems!?!

After its official release at MineCon in Las Vegas this past November, one might think that the Mojang team would slow down on releasing updates or adding content to Minecraft. That appears to be the opposite of truth, as Jens Bergensten has sure been busy since taking over development from Markus “Notch” Persson. The 1.2 patch for Minecraft was tested for a month, but the official servers all now support the new jungle biome, ocelots that can be tamed like wolves, cute little kitties, an increased ceiling of 256 blocks, and monstrous iron golems to defend your castle or compound. In true indie-style, the Mojang team released a hilarious video to show off the new features and tell the story of a zombie attack.

You can download the latest version of Minecraft here. Bergensten was nice enough to post all of the patch notes, but I’ve gone the extra mile to show you all the wonders documented at here. Get downloading!

New jungle biome
Added ocelots
Added cats
Added iron golems
New AI for mobs
Tame wolves can have puppies
Villagers will have children if there is room in their village
New map height limit (256 instead of 128)
New items and blocks
Added rare drops for mobs
Added 3 new blocks textures, that aren’t yet used in the game(1 is accessable in creative, it looks like stone brick)
You can place Slabs and Stairs upside-down by placing them on the ceiling
Many other minor tweaks and fixes
Placing blocks on Wild Grass will replace them
Cave Noise works in Multiplayer

F3 has some changes and additions:
b: Shows what biome you are in
bl: Block brightness
sl: Sky brightness
rl: Raw brightness
It doesn’t show the seed in SMP (due to popular demand) anymore

Lava now has a faint rumbling sound effect, and large particles that hop out of the lava produce a popping noise.

Bug Fixes :
Doors have been updated so that double-doors work better with redstone

Mojang released a quick fix 1.2.2 to address big trees not spawning in some areas. Man, those guys are quick …

Source: Mojang

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