League of Legends Hack Reveals Unreleased Card Game


Riot was once working on a standalone card game entitled Supremacy.

Anonymous sources often have no more credibility than a YouTube video claiming to know what the iPhone 6 looks like. As a remedy, potential leakers can reveal their face to the world and become a wanted man, or they can just use someone else’s Twitter account as a sock puppet. Last weekend, mystery hacker “Jason” took over Riot boss Marc Merrill’s Twitter to announce to the world that Riot has a fully-completed card game that remains unpublished.

It all started Sunday when a tweet appeared on Merrill’s account saying “Well, I think this would be a good time to show off Riot’s card game, who wants to see pictures?”, which was signed “Jason (God)”. The hacker proceeded to post some login screen artwork and card templates, revealing the name League of Legends Supremacy. “Jason” claimed that it was a standalone game, and that he has the server and client source code. Eventually, he threatened to upload 200MB’s of card images, but instead decided to hand the account back.

Or course, Merrill now has full control of his account once again, and the offending tweets have been deleted. In response, he doesn’t deny the leaks, only that they’re experimental and hardly a finished product. He claims that “we’re always working on a variety of new ideas for League & beyond. Lots of experimentation that may never see the light of day.”

While hardly not the most explosive leak in years, it’s interesting news nonetheless. If anything, perhaps future leakers can make use of his technique. Imagine if Snowden had spilled forth all his NSA info via Obama’s Twitter feed.

Source: Kotaku

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