Leaked Video of Alleged “PS3 Slim” Surfaces on YouTube


A video showcasing the long-rumored slim PS3 in the (proverbial) flesh has appeared on YouTube. Is it a fake? If so, it’s a damn good one.

To bring you up to speed: Images of the supposed slim PS3 redesign first surfaced back in May, though rumors claimed the device wouldn’t appear at E3 to avoid overshadowing the official reveal of the PSP Go! – and these rumors turned out to be true. Then, earlier this month rumors surfaced that Sony had already begun production work on the console to have it shipped as soon as possible – as soon as the middle of July.

Well, it’s the middle of July now, isn’t it? Though the quality in the above video is very, very low, the device that the cameraman is inspecting does look nigh-identical to the images of the slender PS3 redesign that we’ve seen thus far. I’m unable to place the language – do any of you Escapists out there recognize it? – but if this video is to be believed, some lucky street vendors have somehow acquired the machine in advance of its worldwide release (or even reveal).

I’ll be the first to admit that the apparent scenario – where some random guy in a stall has his hands on a leaked piece of high-tech equipment before the rest of the world – seems unlikely at best. Even so, you’d think the people who would run a site called Ultimate Playstation would have an eye for this sort of thing, no?

If it is a hoax, it’s possible that the console in the video looks so identical to the leaked images we’ve seen already for the sole purpose of giving these claims some legitimacy. After all, if your fake console looked visibly different from what we’ve seen thus far, that’d be a dead giveaway that one (if not both) was a fraud.

What do you think, folks? Real McCoy, or clever fake?


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