You’d really expect Charmander to prefer his grub a bit more well-done, wouldn’t you?

The vignette embedded at right comes courtesy of Dominic Harris, a gent whose parents must be simply delighted that he’s best described as an internet comedian. Normally credentials like that would indicate that on pressing play, the video will greet you with tired memetic humor and poorly balanced audio. This video however, is more of a scholarly effort, designed to introduce would-be Poképhiles to the digestive habits of Nintendo’s most lucrative beasties.

Alright, that’s a lie. The video is basically just Mr. Harris acting out his ideas of how various ‘mon must feed based on the attacks they use most commonly in the Pokémon videogames and cartoon series’. Blastoise sprays his meal with water, Charmander ignites his food, Machoke punches a salad to death, etcetera ad nauseam.

I won’t claim that Harris’ clip is high art; it’s just not. That said, the man obviously has no budget to speak of and little editing experience, yet we admire that he makes these shortcomings somehow work to his advantage. He could’ve very easily shown two of these examples, then given up, assured that everyone watching now understands what he was shooting for. However, the video goes on for nearly two-and-a-half minutes. 15 seconds into the clip I was expecting it to start dragging at the one minute mark, but as time progressed and Harris’ gags grew increasingly irreverent, they also became more endearing. Harris reenacts Abra vanishing from sight via what is either incredibly well-designed CGI or simply turning off the camera and stepping out of frame. It’s silly, cheap and weightless, and in that light it’s got a certain charm – doubly so if you find yourself watching the video after sleeping for only three hours the night before.

Source: YouTube

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