Why do programmers love JavaScript? You’ll see for yourself once you start learning it-it’s easy to pick up, powerful, and a great foundation language that’ll make it easier to learn others. Starting at zero? Grab the Novice to Expert Java Bundle for over 90% off.

You’ll get four courses, all focused on giving you hands-on practice.

  • Introduction to Programming & Coding for Everyone with JavaScript: A three-hour training in programming basics that’ll have you writing programs in JavaScript by the end of the course.
  • Fundamentals of Operating Systems: A six-hour course that goes over the objectives and structure of any modern operating system, with training in identifying the causes of OS crashes and errors.
  • Java SE 8 Programming Part 1: A 7.5-hour training for Oracle’s Java SE 8 Programmer Certification 1 exam, with lessons in object-oriented programming and standard Java language constructs.
  • Java SE 8 Programming Part 2: A deeper dive into the subject matter, with nine hours of exam training and lessons in implementing interfaces, exceptions, and assertions, and using ArrayLists.

Jump in-grab theNovice to Expert Java Bundle for over 90% off.

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