Launch your career as an iOS programmer for just $44 – the Swift 3 Master Coder Bundle is 92% off at Escapist Deals.

Get four courses for $44:

Hacking With Swift 3 – Beginner to Pro: Build 17 Apps

Create a portfolio of apps as you learn your way around Swift 3. This 19-hour course takes you through every step of the process, including adding audio and animations to your apps.

Swift 3: Exploiting the Latest iOS 10 Features

Increase your chances of having your app accepting by the app store with this 5-hour course. You’ll start by building small apps, mastering skills that’ll come in handy when you’re creating to make more complex apps.

iOS 10 and Xcode 8: Complete Swift 3 & Object-C Guide

Create over 20 real iOS 10 applications in Swift 3 & Objective-C, explore storyboard and nib files, and learn social integration with Facebook, Twitter, SMS, email, and more with this 45-hour course.

Learn iOS 10 Development with Swift 3 & Xcode 8: Build 14 Apps

Demos and challenges take you through every step of the app-building process. Learn how to embed web content in your app, show your user’s location and address on a map with MapKitView & geolocation, and more.

Get the Swift 3 Master Coder Bundle for 92% off at Escapist Deals.

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