By default, this is the best Left 4 Dead fan film you will see today.

Remember a few weeks back when I posted the surprisingly professional looking trailer for this film? No? Well I did, I assure you, and it was both surprising and professional looking. Trust me on this.

Now that I’ve earned your trust, I feel I can drop the coy charade and share with you the full, finished version of the film. Also, it was released a few days ago, so that helped with my decision.

Observant readers may have already sussed out that the full film is actually that clip embedded at top right, but for those of you new to this internet thing, read what I just typed and then use that information to figure out where to look to see the movie. Now hit “play.” Now watch the film.

I’ll wait.

Finished? Alright, what did you think? Personally, I feel it did an excellent job in capturing the inherent atmospheric oppression of the Left 4 Dead series, as well as the lonesome tension among the core group of survivors. Actually, I’d stack this production up against any Hollywood-funded gaming-based film ever made.

For that matter, I’d also line it up against the latter works of George Romero, or any of the Return Of The Living Dead films made after 1988.

Okay, in fairness, the creators may have gone a bit heavy on the blue filter and that tune at the beginning sounds like an Evanescence one-off recorded specifically for a Hot Topic Valentine’s Day compilation album, but otherwise I’m rather impressed with the work Northern Five Entertainment has done here. The characterization, the prop work, the environments; it all rings true to its inspiration, both thematically and logically.

In short: Two thumbs up, fun for the whole family.

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