Left 4 Dead “Survival Pack” DLC Coming This Spring


Left 4 Dead will be geting a new multiplayer mode and two Versus campaigns as part of the “Survival Pack” DLC due for PC and Xbox 360 this spring, Valve announced today.

The Survival Pack introduces a new multiplayer mode appropriately named “Survival” as well as two complete campaigns for the Versus mode. The DLC will be released simultaneously for both PC and 360, which hasn’t been the case for Valve’s Team Fortress 2, which has seen multiple significant (and free) updates on the PC but little attention on the 360 (and none on the PS3). No pricing for the Survival Pack was announced, but given that the main reason Valve has been hesitant to put TF2 DLC on the 360 is that they’d be forced to charge for it, I think it’s safe to assume it’ll cost something, which may irk PC gamers who are used to getting free content updates from Valve.

In any case, if you really want to pay for it, Valve’s also releasing a Left 4 Dead: Critic’s Choice edition (I’d call it Left 4.5 Dead but that’s just me) to retail stores in the spring as well, which will include the original game content packed with the DLC as well.

The PC will be getting one freebie, though: the first Left 4 Dead release for the Source SDK, which will let user develop their own campaigns and then set them into the wilds of L4D’s matchmaking system. “Since Half-Life launched in 1998, Valve has made continuous efforts to expand the offering of its products beyond what’s included on the day of launch,” Gabe Newell remarked. “With Half-Life and Counter-Strike, and more recently Team Fortress 2, we’ve learned that we’re no longer making stand-alone games but creating entertainment services. With Left 4 Dead we’re extending that tradition by creating additional gameplay and releasing our internal tools to aspiring developers so they may also create and distribute new Left 4 Dead experiences.”

Can’t wait for a thousand Dawn of the Dead tribute maps and the inevitable “Zombie Penis Island.”

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