Left 4 Dead Zombies Appear in Ocarina of Time‘s Kokiri Forest


A custom Left 4 Dead 2 campaign takes us back into the Kokiri Forest but replaces its cute citizens with deadly zombies.

A new campaign add-on for Left 4 Dead 2 adds horrifying zombies into the world of Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time. Navi’s “Hey, listen!” might have gotten a little annoying while trying to play through the Zelda title, but at least she wasn’t trying to eat your neck.

The “Kokiri Forest” campaign, named after Ocarina of Time‘s starting area, brings players from Link’s treehouse all the way through the Forest Temple. The creator says that it features “puzzles, frustration, and exploration,” in addition to Left 4 Dead‘s waves of zombies.

The attention to detail here is quite impressive, with the developer recreating everything from the Kokiri Forest’s buildings to its boardwalk and that circle of rocks. It even has heart-shaped health containers and an appearance by the tri-force.

In Ocarina of Time, players defeat Phantom Ganon at the end of the Forest Temple. At the end of the Forest Temple in this mod, players face a boss named Phantom Louis as he floats around the map and fires lightning. After his defeat, you finish the campaign by moving into a beam of light. It’s pretty awesome.

A group of players recorded their playthrough on YouTube, available below. As a warning, it includes all of their commentary.

Source: Left4Dead Maps

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