The old-school dungeon crawler Legend of Grimrock is gold.

At long last, and after a long stretch of testing to ensure that all is well, the team at Almost Human has announced that Legend of Grimrock is gold. “Everybody at the office is totally jazzed up and we really can’t keep our pants on much longer,” the team said in the announcement, in what may or may not have been a figure of speech.

“It’s been a long and challenging journey but we have finally reached this important milestone,” it continued. “But we don’t think it’s the end of the road, more like a fork in the road with ways branching into all sorts of interesting directions: iOS, Mac, map editor, sequel, new IP, living in a dumpster totally broke…”

Despite the lateness of the hour, the team decided to crank out one final build last week to fix a few minor bugs and tweak a couple of monster stats. In fact, three separate release candidates have been put out over the past two weeks. “None of the issues were critical and we could have waited for a post-launch patch but we really can’t keep our fingers off this thing, it seems!” the team said.

Legend of Grimrock combines old-school dungeon crawl gameplay with contemporary graphics and sound for a game that strives to bring the classic Dungeon Master gameplay experience to modern audiences. The grid-based play may seem unusual to gamers used to flowing, unfettered movement and combat, but the screens and videos revealed thus far make it look absolutely fantastic.

The team is now at work on a proper launch trailer, pre-release interviews and other such matters. Full launch details, including a proper, precise release date, are expected to be released later this week.

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