Warner Bros. has announced that LEGO Batman will arrive on consoles and the PC in 2008.

Plans for the game were first announced this March, but the latest news comes as a confirmation in the aftermath of Warner Bros.’ acquisition of U.K.-based TT Games Group, which houses LEGO Star Wars developers Traveller’s Tales.

While other popular properties had reportedly been under discussion for game development, both the Star Wars and Batman franchises already exist in tangible LEGO form.

Game details were revealed for the first time. The opening will see the familiar cast of characters, including The Penguin and Joker, run amok after an escape from Arkham Asylum. A two-player cooperative mode will be available to combat the villains with the expected assortment of Batman gadgetry and vehicles.

Samantha Ryan, senior vice president for Warner Bros. Interactive said of the upcoming title, “LEGO Batman will appeal to several generations of gamers who grew up idolizing the Dark Knight and playing with LEGO toys. Working with TT Games, we are confident they will continue their LEGO games’ success with this title, and we will expand our publishing endeavors with the introduction of the LEGO Batman franchise.”

Source: Gamasutra.com

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