A new LEGO Ideas campaign has been launched aimed at transforming the Scout fighter from Homeworld 2 into an official LEGO construction set.

Homeworld fever is in the air. It’s not hard to understand why, of course. With the Homeworld Remastered Collection only a few weeks away, it only makes sense that fans might be feeling a tad excited about the quickly nearing prospect of replaying the classic franchise in glorious high definition. As we showcased last week, some have used their excitement as fuel for creative projects such as building a LEGO brick version of the Bentusi flagship. Since then however, other builds have begun to emerge arguably equal in awesomeness if not in size.

Case in point, one LEGO Ideas user recently launched a new campaign aimed at transforming the Hiigaran Scout fighter from Homeworld 2 into an official LEGO play set. Constructed by builder Damien “Legodrome” Labrousse, the model in question contains about 500 pieces and is “slightly underscaled to allow a more economical price point.” The finished ship also includes a detailed cockpit interior with enough space to contain as many as two mini-figures.

The big question, of course, seeing how this is an Ideas campaign, is whether or not the Scout will earn the 10,000 supporters it needs to receive an official review by LEGO. At the time of this article’s publication, it only has 34. That said, with 363 days left it still has plenty of time to pick up more steam. Being a licensed product, official approval would also have to come from Gearbox who, of course, now own the Homeworld IP. Studio representatives however, assured The Escapist that that wouldn’t be a problem. “We would love to explore that with the LEGO guys if that’s something fans are interested in,” said Steve Gibson, vice president of Gearbox’s marketing arm. In other words, if you’d fancy having a Homeworld-themed LEGO set to sit on your shelf, you might want to give Legodrome’s Scout a gander.

Source: LEGO Ideas

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