Lego Man Jumps From Not-Quite-the-Edge of Space


Felix Baumgartner’s record-breaking “space jump” has been gloriously recreated in Lego.

Did you watch the space jump yesterday? It was an astonishing achievement, combining technology, courage and the innate human drive to explore and test our limits. It made for compelling viewing; all activity near the monitor I had it playing on came to a halt as people gathered around to watch.

But for straight-up entertainment value, I’m not sure it can compete with this slightly smaller-scale jump that ends somewhat less gracefully but, in the end, just as successfully. It was created to promote the upcoming Vienna Model Maker’s fair, and it is wonderful. All the elements of Baumgartner’s feat are here, culminating in a giant faceplant for Lego-kind. And is it just my imagination, or is the minifig at the four second mark packing a blaster?

To whoever made this video: I salute you. You may not have jumped from 128,000 feet in the air, but you did the next best thing. You made an awesome video and you put it on the internet.

Technology. Humanity. Lego. Let us never stop pushing the boundaries.

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