Lego Phone on the Way?


Earlier this year Lego and Digital Blue announced they would be teaming up to create a variety of Lego-centric electronics aimed at kids including cell phones. Well, maybe.

The Lego Electronics that are due in this Summer consist of a digital camera, a walkie talkie and an MP3 player, but a leaked report to Boy Genius Report talks of something a little more…interesting.

The Lego Electronics, which include a digital camera, walkie talkie and an MP3 player, all look to be a collection of different colored blocks around the main electronics, but if the images on Boy Genius Report are to be believed, the cell phone appears to have a modular design that allows you to assemble the unit however you wish. The ability to mix and match cell phone parts on a whim sounds cool, but would it still work? Is the photo a genuine prototype or just a flight of some artist’s fancy? Tough to say.

If the phone really is made up of snap-together parts, the main issue won’t be getting the thing to work, but rather not losing some key button or other in the seat cushions. What, like your experience with Legos was any different?

Source: Boy Genius Report

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