Developer of Ni no Kuni and Professor Layton, Level-5’s Wonder Flick is equally cartoony and fanciful.

A new RPG is coming Japan’s way from developer Level-5 as they work on a new RPG with exploration and turn-based combat. A new trailer published by the Japanese PlayStation YouTube channel shows a lot of gameplay, cartoony and beautiful visuals, and music scored by Nobuo Uematsu.

The RPG will be released on both current- and future-gen consoles as well as mobile devices with shared save data across every platform and exclusives on each. Players customize their own avatars to travel across a field map in a linear fashion and fight monsters. The game launches on consoles next year and on smartphones in Japan this November.

According to Level-5 International America’s press release, the company wants to take “the industry by storm with its introduction of a gaming revolution, UNIPLAY–a seamless cross-platform gaming experience allowing users the choice of where, when, and how they play a game by accessing a single shared save data from any device.”

Wonder Flick will be the first title with UNIPLAY. The player washes ashore in a world nobody has seen before, where a kingdom is in need of saving and dragons inhabit the earth.

There’s no localization announced right now. Past Level-5 games have taken years to localize. Ni no Kuni had a 2011 Japanese release and a NA and EU release this year. Level-5 fans who want this RPG may have to wait a couple years.

Source: YouTube

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