Two years ago ,

Dressed in black platemail , engraved into the metal is a red dragon , a large man, he also carries a round shield engraved with the same red dragon. He touches full helmet , “Son, do you hear?” Then half yelling , “Robbie!?” A voice breathes , “Attention , Red Leviathan, your son and family are dead.” Laughter fills his headset , enraged , he throws down his shield , and it hovers, he leaps on it ridding it forward.

As he enters clearing , his partners and family members lie on the ground torn apart as if by a wild animal. A man steps out , surrounded in a following robe , the Red Leviathan , breathes, “CHIAROSCURO!” The Red Leviathan rushes him , drawing out a long sword , the man, called Chiaroscuro shakes his head , “Not today , Leviathan, it ends now , Jonathan, I wipe out your entire seed today.”

Chiaroscuro lifts a hand discharging a massive blast of energy throwing the Red Dragon into the ground , another blast , causes him to slump then slowly rise.

Vines rip out of the ground , the Red Leviathan , swipes them , but they dodge , he jumps back , as he does a massive root stabs him the back. He hangs there bleeding , as he struggles to command his shield, but the vines hold it.

Chiaroscuro, walks to him, “I am going to make you suffer like you have done to me.” Drawing out an axe , Chiaroscuro breaks it down with a force , shattering the Red Leviathan’s armor , then again to sever his left arm. A blast from Chiaroscuro seals the wound , then he brings the axe down again , as a plant places a crown on Chiaroscuro’s head.

“Relive your son’s and wife’s final moments, Jonathan , know the torment your family as done to mine,” He rears back , and severs the Red Leviathan’s left leg. Chiaroscuro watches as the Red Leviathan , screams , then says “We ask simply to exist. Countless times you have interfered , now you suffer, and now it ends forever.”

Six months later , Iraq, July, 2003

“Copy that, we found the mother load ,” Four special forces soldiers , kneel behind a crate , looking down into the launch pad, the moon light casting an eerie blue glow over everything. Beyond the shadows , are three nuclear short range missiles , and tons of scud missiles.

As one the soldiers slip down , into the darkness , they move through the shadows , when suddenly lights go off. The soldiers rise their weapons , as a Iraq forces , and stick figure like creatures , known as the Kou , short for Kings of the Universe.

The leader of the four soldier , makes a hand signal , they rush as one firing , into the Iraq forces and the Kou , they are wounded, cut to shreds by the AK-47s, mean while a fifth man , slips to the nuclear weapons , jacks into their system.

“There are reports of several underground nuclear explosions. The EMP shut off all contact with the area.”

“The NATO confirms that a dozen modified nuclear weapons went off , under Iraq this morning, causing most of Iraq and Iran to collapse within itself. Several hundred American , Canadian and British special force members , have been declared MIA.”

“The nuclear weapons were sold to and setup by the Kou , the U.N. , will no longer support the Kou’s bid for a home land on Earth. Selling other kinds of energy weapons , to rogue nations is one thing, but an Kinetic energy bomb modified from nuclear weapons is unforgivable.”

“Retired Agent Janus Lee , can you please explain the weapon used?”

“Simple I can’t , nor can anyone , it built up a ton of possible energy, then discharged it. It flowed through the system of tunnels in Iran and Iraq , setting off other explosions. All we know is that the Kou have the ability to modify our current weapons.”

Present day , October 29 , 2003

Fable , Texas , the military base sits at the edge of town , normally only a storage faculty , now a prison.

Standing in the middle of the building are four teenagers , Tommy Temple, the youngest at eleven , with long black hair , tied back, a single strand over his left eye. The next youngest , Little-Flower Pagoda, at thirteen , with long reddish hair, tinted by red , her brother Phoenix Pagoda, fifteen stands next to her , his hair crops short in a military style flat top. Next to him is Jadess Fenris, fifteen, with long flowing blonde hair.

Several armed Marines , stand near them, dressed in dark gray urban camo, among the Marines , is a large man, dressed in brown suit, he holds the phone, “They refuse to speak , name , rank, serial number. They want to talk to retired captain Kate O’lissa,” Then the man nods, “Yes sir,”

Walking to Tommy , he places a hand on his shoulder, “Don’t take this personal son, I respected your father , I am taking to see Kate O’lissa , but..” He motions to the Marines , “You are all under arrest for treason,”

As the bus under military and civil protection , takes the four teenagers to Wintersweet in northen US, the conflict between the Kuo , and Earth , widens into global war, when the Kuo threaten the U.N. with call for war. That night meteors begins to strike Earth , causing damage and inflicting casualties.

The Kuo’s space nation , begins its invasion. Earth’s heroes rise to the call , and prevent them taking key cities , or making any real progress. The city without heroes, are sealed off from the rest of the world.

As morning is coming , a team of heroes are selected to launch into space , to end the conflict once and for all. As the rocket and shuttle , are launched from a secret location , mid flight the rocket boosters shatter , sending the rocket towards earth.

At the same time , the invasion of Wintersweet is beginning , police officers in experimental armored suits , force the Kuo to fall back. The city calls for help , the military sends fighters and begins to send troops , when a space craft descending to Earth is struck by the falling shuttle , the explosion , sends out a massive EMP pulse , causing any vehicle in the region to stop dead.

The little convoy stops dead , the Marines hop out of their vehicles , as the sky lights up , with a massive fireball , then the soundwaves hits them , throwing them end over end , killing the Marines who exited. In the darkness blue liquid is dumped on the bus and other cars , as debris falls , causing fire , and secondary explosions.

The engine from the Kuo space craft hits the ground , a few seconds later , there is an explosion , covering the area in red goo. The bus is torn to shreds , the teenagers and military personnel , scream as the fire consumes the bus.

As the bus explodes , Tommy protects Little-Flower as best as he can , while seating several seats away , Phoenix holds the hand of Jadess , a vacuum effect is taking place drawing things into the fire , where the engine is. Phoenix holds her , she watches as both of are coated in red goo, she can feel it burn through her clothing , she sees the pain in Phoenix , as his clothing is gone in seconds.

Another blast , Phoenix is dumped in the blue liquid , he holds on to Jadess as best as he can , then a metal bar strikes him in the head. He collapses , and Jadess flies into the engine.

Tommy drags Little-Flower by the arm , then kicks out the glass of the windshield, he throws her into the snow, then heads back into the bus, crickets, bugs, lizards , and other assorted creatures stick to his skin , he grabs Phoenix and begins to drag him.

He stumbles , and falls over, then feels a sharp pain in his back then a rattler slides out a bag, he shakes his head, dragging Phoenix , as the snake flees the fire. He feels Little-Flower grab her brother, then he wanders out into the snow and collapses.

As Little-Flower is dragging her brother to Tommy, she turns , a metal strip the size of a bus bumper hits her , she goes end over end , into the woods. She struggles as the metal strip begins to dig into her flesh , she opens her mouth to scream but the metal strip wraps itself around her.


Phoenix slowly gets up , he looks for his sister , and friends , he stumbles about , most of the marines around him , have shot themselves , or someone shot them. He trips over a body , and hits the snow, then jumps back , hovering , he screams , “TOMMY?!” The body of the boy , looks like someone tossed a bunch of animals into a blender and produced a new body.

Cover in green scales, his tummy and face a pale peach , with antenna and horns on his head. His once black hair is green , in a mohawk. Slowly a devil tail appears then begins to thump, swallowing , Phoenix , floats forward , unaware of the changes in his body , he turns Tommy over and pulls him to his feet.

Thinking “He is breathing , is that good thing or bad thing? Should I save him from this?” From behind, “Oh Mother of God, what happen to you!” Spinning Phoenix faces his sister covered in metal , her face engraved with a Phoenix , and covered in black. A gauntlet adores her left forearm.

Phoenix’s body is covered in a green-blue rock like surface , strips of metal band his left side, chest and arms. His hair is wild blonde, sharp points almost rock like, with real hair flowing down his back in a massive mane. His eyes are yellow.

He says , “Me? You are cover in metal sis,” She looks down at her body , she begins to cry. He hovers to her, and puts his arms around her and comforts her , he kisses her tears then turns to show her Tommy. She takes a few caution steps, then slowly Tommy is getting up , without missing a beat, he says “Where is Jadess? We have to get away from here, and finish our mission,” He walks to them, as Phoenix says “She was swept away… I..” Slowly Tommy puts his hand on Phoenix, “She is still alive, we will find her.” He looks down at his skin for he first time with his eyes , then begins to instruct them, “Pick up what you can , from the dead, then we will hit Wintersweet.

Child’s play , and mimicking their fathers , turns into training , without a question both Phoenix and Little-Flower follow Tommy’s lead. He walks through the bodies , looting their wallets , and taking what little clothing that didn’t get eaten by the blue liquid and red goo.

In the darkness , Phoenix and Little-Flower , follow Tommy , he makes no sound , only adjusting their heading. Until he stops , he half turns, “There is a store, close to here, we are going to get clothing, and food. We are going to be characters from a cartoon, its close enough to Halloween for us to get away with that. I want to use the name , Septymus.” Little-Flower pipes up, “Call me Ninecat,” she pokes her brother, “You can be Peony!” He glares at her, “I am not the goofy sidekick,”

Septymus smiles, “Wildlok, then.” He shrugs, “He was always the star anyhow,”

Standing at the outskirts of town , is a market , with hunting clothes , and all kinds of other odd and ends. It is pretty expansive.

They enter the store , it has been looted , an elderly woman restocks the milk , and sodas, she doesn’t turn , as the three fan out , without thinking about it, Ninecat begins to pick up the debris and setting things on the shelf. She watch as her brother begins to help her , her eyes fall over Septymus , looking at himself in the mirrored surface.

After cleaning the floor, she crosses to Septymus , and hugs him, she asks, “How much we have?” He whispers, “Twelve dollars,” She pulls back , wipes his tears, and smiles, “Let’s get some food,”

The three walk to the counter, the elderly lady , smiles at them, Septymus asks, “What may we buy with twelve dollars?” She shrugs, “Just take whatever you like , everyone else is,” He shakes his head, “We can’t do that,” She smiles, “That is a becoming trait in a child..” then softly , “Mutants? Or heroes?” He starts to speak , when she talks over him, “Lying , I hope you weren’t planning on lying to a sweet old woman. It is very unbecoming, I can see it in you, child.” She stands up, motions for them to follow, “I will give you anything in the store , you wish , but you will write out an IOU note.”

Septymus notes , as she hands him a black pen , and a pad.

“Arrrrrrh, a loin cloth!” Wildlok curses , as he pulls apart another shirt. Septymus and Ninecat exchange a snicker , pulling on Halloween costumes , and trying on stuff. In the end , the design of their new bodies prevents most of the clothes not to fit.

Wildlok ends up with a loin cloth , Septymus ends up with a pair of cloth lined metal underpants and matching shin guards. Ninecat ends up with a steel bra and pair of shorts, she also salvages a long bow from the hunting section.

Septymus loads up all kinds of food , including ding-dong cakes , Wildlok takes a bottle of wine, then they begin to leave. The elderly woman shakes her head, “No plan , or direction?” Septymus turns, she walks to him, takes his hand , and leads him outside.

Parked outside is a truck , black and red ice cream truck, that wasn’t there before. She points to it, “Delivery truck, full of supplies for the peace officers , in the city. If you take the delivery , I will give you the truck and five hundred dollars, plus,” She pulls out a twenty dollars, “Gas money.”


“The mayor is an idiot or a racist or both. Bastard should have evacuated all the schools,” The African American police officer , loads and checks his shotgun. An older officer , taps him on the head, “Policy son, the schools got locked down first then evacuated. The private schools , had information which the other schools didn’t…” Then adds, “Don’t turn this into a race issue. The Kuo got lucky.”

Suddenly a figure drops from the sky , wearing white armor, white open face helmet , wearing a long flowing cloak, he hovers , his voice carries to the officers pinned down and surrounded by Kuo. He begins , “For crimes against the Kuo people , you have been deemed war criminals , no human will make it out here alive.” He holds a hand to his headphone, “I saw prove that there is nobody who can stop the great Kuo empire , I have given orders to kill the children first.”

Wildlok , stops the truck , he steps from the truck , he turns to Septymus , “You hear that?” Septymus nods , “We have to..” Suddenly Ninecat , walks pass them , carrying a firetruck, before either can say anything , she throws the firetruck.

As the white armored figure , drops to take out the children and few hundred officers , he turns , then breathes , “Shit,” The firetruck hits him , knocking him into a building , then through it , slamming into a crowd of Kuo.

Septymus , turns to Ninecat , “Uh , ok, that was weird,” He turns as Wildlok , carries a Kuo tank , he shifts it to one hand , he taunts his sister, “I can lift more,” She breathes , “Show off,” Septymus walks to a small Ford , tries to pick it up , and frowns.


The white armored figure, holds his headset , “I got hit by a firetruck… very funny sir, it was thrown,” He climbs into the air , and looks around , he watches a tank comes flying at him , he attempts to dodge but it is moving faster than he expected , it clips his shoulder. He curses, and then flies in the direction of the tank.

“At least mine hit him full on,” Ninecat teases , Wildlok , shrugs, “I got more Kuo soldiers, and an APC,” Septymus , turns as the white armored figure , appears, he smiles, “The circus in town or something?” Wildlok , smiles back “It appears so … clown,” The white armored figure , demands, “Who threw the firetruck?” At the same time each say , “I did” He levels a hand , “I am superior battlefield commander of the great..” Septymus makes a hand signal , instantly the three leap at him , he picks to block Septymus , whom smashes into the man’s armor , but both Wildlok and Ninecat land heavy hits into the man.

Septymus watches as the white armored man , shrugs the attacks , he rushes into Septymus , whom leaps over him , as the white armored man turns he is struck by Wildlok , then by Ninecat. He stumbles , then rushes Ninecat , grabbing her arm, he lands a punch then a kick , he spins , blocking Wildlok , then throws him back. He begins to pull Ninecat into his attacks , he turns lets a blast strike Septymus throwing him backwards. Ninecat , rotates his arm , with her arm , forcing him to let go , he lunges at her, but Wildlok bodychecks him.

Septymus slowly gets up , as he does , the white armored man , rushes him , Septymus is struck in the chest , then the face , then a upper cut , causing Septymus to spit out a blue goo , on the white armored man’s face and helmet.

Wildlok , rushes in , slamming the man in the back, he turns , as Ninecat strikes him in the ribs , he turns , pulling at the goo. He screams , “You bastards!” He finally pulls off his helmet , as he does , Wildlok is coming in , without any effort he snatches Wildlok from the air , and crushes his neck.

Septymus rushes the man , but he turns a knocks Septymus aside , Ninecat moves in the man turns too slow , and is struck with a punch to his gut , denting his armor, he stumbles backwards. Wildlok , rushes in and clothesline him.

Suddenly the man is standing, he wipes the blood from his lip, “It ends now,” The armor shimmers, he rushes Ninecat , hitting her with enough force to carve in her metal body , he begins to rain a fury of blows into her body. Wildlok , throws himself at the man , but he turns , grabs Wildlok and throws him throw the air and into a tank. Wildlok slumps over, he struggles to stand.

Septymus , rushes the white armored figure , as the man turns Septymus spits on him , covering him in the blue goo, blinding him. He struggles , swiping the air , Septymus feels a sharp pain , as a single blade punches through his skin , he stabs the man in he back , the white armored figure , spins , another punch into the gut , punches through his armor.

Then the white armored figure , from the wounds and the goo, collapses, Septymus rears back , then he turns , Chiaroscuro appears , he levels a blast into Septymus , the black energy causing Septymus to scream , vines rip from the ground , hold him still.

Chiaroscuro floats to the boy , “Defend the murderers of innocent Kuo , die like criminal,” He draws out his axe , as he rears back , a shield strikes him in the back of head , sending him forward.

Chiaroscuro begins to struggle and scream , as the shield is the same as the Red Leviathan, it pins him with gravity , “DEAR GOD GET IT OFF ME,” He in a panic begins to pull at the shield , his follower , the white armored figure , stumbles toward him , “Master, I am coming,”


“This is not going well,” The Kuo commanders watches the battle on a big screen TV , one of the commanders , sits down with popcorn, “More followers of Chiaroscuro are coming, this is going to be enjoyable,” A female states, “You said that about human sex too,”

Across the world people tune in to watch the battle , as it unfolds , heroes from across the globe root for the children , fighting the leader of the death squads.

Meanwhile ,

Septymus , is pulled from the ground by a female wearing the top part of plated mail with the Red Leviathan engraved into it, an assassin’s mask covers her face, she has long following blonde hair, thigh boots ,and long black gloves. She whispers, “Help me with Phoenix, and Little-Flower,” She traces the scales , she smiles, “What is it with you, little heart throb, you make everything look sexy,”

A massive gorilla, armored in gold , and with red cloak , pulls at the shield, a think woman dressed in next to nothing chain mail jacket, goes to Chiaroscuro.

“I am so pissed,” Ninecat breathes , she pushes both Septymus and the armored female from her, Septymus , says “Relax,” Wildlok steps next to them, he breathes, “Jadess,” She winks, “Black Leviathan” Septymus watches as she hands Ninecat a new quiver , saying “Singing arrows, flare arrows , and barbed arrows,” She turns to each of them in turn, “Earpieces , with a radio, stick to hand signals,” She reaches over to Septymus , fits him with his , then she says , “Anyone want a weapon, I brought a bag of stuff,”

When they are ready , Black Leviathan draws the shield from Chiaroscuro, quickly stands, he watches the Black Leviathan with surprise , then says “Those are pretty big shoes to fill, for a fraud.” She attaches her shield , she looks to Septymus , he makes several gestures , she mimics them expect for the last , she does a different gesture.

Suddenly both , Ninecat and Black Leviathan rise their bows , letting arrows fly towards the wounded white armored figure , but instead of the arrows hitting him , the strike the female armored figure.

With a yank , the line attach to the barbed arrows , throws her into the teenagers , Wildlok , hits her knocking her back , but she is yank into him again. The massive gold armored gorilla figure , rushes like a locomotive, Septymus leaps as the figure is nearly on Wildlok , landing a double kick from behind , guided by the Black Leviathan , causing the gorilla figure to stumble forward and collide with the battered armored female.

Chiaroscuro watches then lifts hand towards the Black Leviathan , firing a black beam of energy , it strikes her , but bounces off , nearly hitting the wounded white armored figure. Chiaroscuro , swipes the air , hundreds of vines rip from the ground , grabbing the others , but not the Black Leviathan, she is surrounded by a dense field of gravity ,that prevents the plants from getting her. She lifts her bow, and sends an arrow towards Chiaroscuro, it screams as it sails through the air.

Chiaroscuro lifts a hand as it gets close and blasts it with dark energy , it explodes , knocking him to ground. He slowly gets up , shaking his head , he looks up as Wildlok , is swinging the gold armored gorilla figure.

He is thrown into the wounded white armored man, striking him and knocking him aside.

Ninecat , watches as the armored female figure struggles to pull the arrows from her body , she lifts a hand letting a blast of ice into Ninecat , she then scrambles to her feet, surrounded , she begins to back up , when an arrow strikes her thigh , and she is yanked into the Black Leviathan , who then smashes her with the shield.

Chiaroscuro stands up , watches the Black Leviathan, “Impressive, vastly different than Jonathan would have done. But all for nought , through , I have hundreds of followers, those were the youngest members.”


“Break from sieging the police and children, we can’t afford to lose Chiaroscuro,” A Kuo commander states, before they ask why, they watch as Chiaroscuro is rushed.

Chiaroscuro dodges , encasing himself in strong bark armor , drawing his axe to him , he is struck from all sides , as his black energy strikes air , he struggles as Wildlok smashes him the small of the back, he turns aside a claw strike from Septymus. Chiaroscuro struggles with the sheer amount of team , if he blocks one , two hit him , he finally the shield smash his chest.

He drops to his knees , blood flowing from his face and ears. The Black Leviathan lifts his battle axe, she rears back to finish him , when a horde of Kuo come running over the hill. Chiaroscuro covers himself in a hard coating of roots and vines.

“OK , NOW!” The Black Leviathan half screams , as the Kuo get close, suddenly a van decloaks from the sidelines , instant the door opens , and a minigun appears, then millions of hollow point bullets sheer the Kuo. They scream , and run over their friends.

The police who had stayed behind , watches , not sure to cheer or cry for is what is happening to the Kuo. As most of them can’t get up the hill again , but the gunner stops, they watch as the four heroes , walk to the van.

Hours later , Chiaroscuro stands in darkness, as his servants appear, he grabs the closest of the young Kuo boy, “HOW DID THE LEVIATHAN ARMOR SURVIVOR, THE SHIELD, AND ITS POWERS ALL SOMEHOW SURVIVED?” He throws the small Kuo across the floor, he paces, he grabs another one , “I would expect that kind of team work from one of the ninja clans. Hand signals.. no argument about who to attack.. Military?.. no even special forces with Super-powers , don’t work that well together without a powerful leader…Jonathan couldn’t command VCR to record, his son, daughter, lover, wife , friends, all dead,” He throws the boy across the floor , he smacks the steel support frame.

The store where Wildlok, Septymus, and Ninecat had stopped before entering the city, hides a massive complex , that Jadess as the Black Leviathan leads them down a long stairs, she is saying , “I was blown clear , and woke up a few hours before you did. I thought everyone was dead, I happen across this store.” She pauses , “As a crazy as it sounds , a big red serpent lead me down this stairs. And elderly woman was here, passed down the armor and shield.”

Through the complex , the Black Leviathan leads them , not talking , Ninecat breathes , “This place is so nice,” At the edge of the hallway , the Black Leviathan , stops , then opens the door, the elderly woman from the store turns , from her console.

At her side is a small boy , about six , he beams, “We show them good didn’t we,” The elderly woman ruffles his hair , then watches them , saying “The police have taken over half the town. I assume this wasn’t a time random fight,” Septymus , nods, “Those guys were gonna kill children, we are in,”

Wildlok speaks up, “Not to be a pain in the ass but someone mind telling us what is going on?” The elderly woman smiles, “I am Kate O’lissa, I knew Jadess’s father very well, I was the lover of original Red Leviathan. The original Red Leviathan , had two sons , Chiaroscuro was the oldest, unable to hear the voice of the Leviathan , and Jonathan, the second Red Leviathan. Chiaroscuro , hell bent on hearing the Leviathan’s call to duty , wandered the world, and found a place among the Kou , for a better part of twenty years the Red Leviathan battled the Kou attempts to throw Earth into chaos , to take control of her.”

“Why?” Ninecat , covers her mouth , the elderly woman smiles, “It’s a natural question child. The Kou are tribal , primitive individuals , that found their space city , have been unable to learn its complex language , or complex technology. Like locust they move from planet to planet consuming the resources, then moving on. Now the space city is beyond repair , beyond used , so they plan to take Earth or take Earth when the pass to the next life.”

She pushes the little boy forward , saying “This is Chiaroscuro’s son , his mother had a mental break down, I named him Van. He is to be the next Red Leviathan , but requires time to grow into the role. I was hoping not to involve Jadess father’s promise , but…”

Wildlok smiles, “You got more than you bargained for,” She gives him a smile, “The original Red Leviathan was nothing more than toys, it appears the new Leviathans are far from that.” Septymus turns to the Black Leviathan, “You ok with assuming someone else’s mantle?” The Black Leviathan , watches, “No worse than living in the shadow of a great war hero.”

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