In a post on the Enemy Territory: Quake Wars forums, Timothee Besset of id Software says it’s unlikely the Linux version of the game’s client will be included with the initial retail release.

Referring to the difficulties involved with getting gold masters completed, Besset said, “I will not place additional strain on the procedure by trying to squeeze my additional set of files on there.”

However, he did ensure that a Linux client is coming, and that it will be of top quality when it’s released. “Once these things wind down (in the upcoming weeks) I will start working specifically on the client,” he wrote. “But fear not, ATI and Nvidia have expressed interest in getting a Linux client early, so they can review how it performs and get their drivers adjusted. When we release, we’ll release a high-quality product, just like we do on Windows.”

Enemy Territory: Quake Wars is an online multiplayer FPS set in the war between Earth and Stroggos. Notable for its use of the MegaTexture technique developed by id’s John Carmack, Quake Wars has received considerable pre-release acclaim, including the Game Critics Award for Best Online Multiplayer game at the 2006 E3. No release date has been announced, but a single-mission public beta for FilePlanet subscribers was opened on June 20.

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