Lionhead Studios is enlisting the assistance of creatively-abusive gamers as it searches for new and original insults for its upcoming RPG Fable 2.

The studio is looking for a replacement for “Arseface,” the title given to gamers in the original Fable when a sufficient level of NPC hatred was reached. Developers are looking for original insults suitable for the game’s audience that are abusive without being offensive; “clearly homophobic or otherwise derogatory” terms will not be used and are most likely to be removed from the suggestion list entirely.

“The insults should be puerile, but not too puerile, sound at least somewhat original, and not cross a certain line (as an example, “gobshite” has been rejected because, while it might sound funny and wacky to American ears, it’s still a bit too strong for Fable and British ears),” according to the entry on the Lionhead Community Blog. Current suggestions include bumchops, bottomburp, titwod, phlegmpot, crotch-fungus and fartknuckle.

Anyone interested in contributing to the ever-growing list of PG-rated toilet humor, possibly earning a ticket to immortality in the process, may do so here.

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