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Internet sensation and hardcore gamer Lisa Foiles is the star of Top 5 With Lisa Foiles. In “Top Five,” Lisa wittily and humorously discusses parts of videogames that generally go unmentioned (but not unnoticed), such as the most ridiculous vehicles, craziest footwear, and sexiest eyewear. Her commentary is delivered in her signature style of informed gamer mixed with hysterical comedian.

In addition to “Top Five with Lisa Foiles,” she is a regular contributor to Kotaku, MyIGN, the AngryJoeShow, and runs her own gaming site,Save Point. She previously starred in Nickolodeon’s sketch comedy series All That (seasons 7-10), and appeared in Leverage, Malcolm In The Middle and Even Stevens. In the season finale of “Anthony Saves the World,” The Escapist‘s newest show premiering February 2, Lisa will star as a villain.


To learn more about Lisa’s favorite games, anime and general nerd-ary, check out the Fact Sheet about her life.


To learn more about how “Top 5 with Lisa Foiles” began and Lisa’s most embarrassing moments, download her Q&A.

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