Listen to the Audio of Last Week’s SCOTUS Arguments


There’s been a lot of coverage to read about the recent Supreme Court videogame case, but now you can actually listen to the arguments that were made.

It’s been nearly a week since the Supreme Court heard both sides of the argument for the Schwarzenegger v. EMA case, which means that it’s now a waiting game until the verdict comes down from on high. Despite the fact that California’s logic and research has been proven faulty, at least one politician believes that the state is going to win the case. While you await the results, however, you can now listen to the audio of the actual court arguments.

For the moment, it sounds like the Court could go either way with its decision. Up until now, the United States has been one of the few countries that hasn’t seen any successful government interference with the videogame industry. If you haven’t followed the case up ’til now, I highly recommend watching The Escapist’s own Extra Credits, which recently did a bang-up job summarizing the entire situation (as well as explaining why you should care).

Source: Supreme Court via Joystiq

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