Live-Action Gears of War Video is Non-Violently Impressive

This live-action Gears of War 3 video is an impressive achievement and remarkably true to the game, except for the part where nobody gets shot, blown up or chainsawed into goo.

I’ve never played Gears of War but from the outside looking in I have to say that for a game that’s ostensibly about huge dudes killing the crap out of slavering, heavily-armed monsters, there sure does seem to be a lot of angst, uncomfortable silences and awkwardly ponderous music. It’s a spirit that holds true in this new live-action video, which is remarkably well-produced but also disappointingly light on the slaughter.

The video was created by Try Force Productions, which creates “high-quality, ultra-low budget short films based on videogame franchises.” The Gears trailer was actually made with only three crew members, on a budget of zero dollars. “Flourishes like gunfights, makeup, and animated locusts all require money, so we deliberately chose shots and an editing style that would allow us to capture the mood and feel of Gears as cost-efficiently as possible without looking hokey,” the studio explained on YouTube.

Try Force has its sights set higher for its next project, however, a live-action Skyrim trailer for which it’s trying to raise a $1000 budget through Kickstarter. “With your help as a fan of videogames, movies, or both, we can put together an amazing piece of work,” the Kickstarter page says. “With the success of this trailer, we hope gaming companies will take control of their future film adaptations and make them for a broad audience without leaving the fans dissatisfied when the credits roll.”

For what it is, the Gears trailer is very well done. It’s not great – fair or not, I expect more shooting in videos based on shooters – but it feels right and, more importantly, demonstrates genuine passion for the medium and boundless potential for bigger and better things in the future.

via: Kotaku

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